4 sports to help you open the darkroom of your mind

4 sports to help you open the darkroom of your mind

When the body has demands, we will adjust through exercise.

Exercise is our active dialogue with the body.

But when there is something in the soul, we are often at a loss.

Is there a movement that can open the darkroom of our soul?

  Deep in our hearts is the most vulnerable flower.

The shadow of childhood loneliness, the lingering inferiority complex, the self-violence and self-abandonment after failure, and so on, seem to have deep nail marks on it.

To get rid of these evil spirits deep inside, you also need some effective sports jogging: the “heart” power of the intellectual beauty: the elimination of irritability, patience and clean heart 20?
A 30-minute jog can stimulate the brain to secrete a substance called morphine, which makes people happy.

Long-term jogging can help you quit pride and irritability, and eliminate bad bad habits.

This Saturday morning, pick up your MP3 and go downstairs in the community or park to enjoy a long journey of patience!

  Swimming: the role of the mermaid’s “heart” for relief: eliminating the melancholy water and letting us have a mother-like sense of security. We face various pressures and sorrows, but we don’t know how to talk to our hearts?

Try to make a deep-sea fish once.

In a azure swimming pool where the sun can shine, let us relive the hydrophilicity deep inside.

You can close your eyes to feel the closeness of the water to the body; you can look up at the blue sky, miss the wide sky, and feel the back shield brought by the communication with the water.

Let exercise communicate with your heart, let worry and depression become a splash of water that is pulled away by your forward arm, and you have to be the happiest and most relaxed mermaid.

  Golf: Takes you into the heart oxygen bar. “Heart” force: Reducing stress and relieving distress. Green not only relaxes your optic nerve, but also has a very powerful calming effect, which can further relieve inner pressure.

Hospitals in many countries can be painted a faint pink-green color, which has a certain effect on relieving depression.

Golf is pressurized with a “healthy green sport”, a large swing, the whole body’s steering coordination and looking up to bring the weighed down soul into a brand new green wild trail.

  Tennis: Keeps you away from the “heart” force of the grieving woman: venting anger, reducing self-restraint. Tennis is expensive and sweaty. It is an ideal sport for venting emotions and rejuvenating.

After exhaling deeply, try to hit the ball hard, like opening the deep dissatisfaction and anger deeply.

Pay attention to every hitting point right now, adjust your mindset to do the simplest action at present, and hit every ball with all your strength—if we use the same spirit to face all the problems in life, they will notIs it easy to solve?

Put aside self-suppression-are you ready for the racket?