Zhang Chengjiang about the alien Feynak,Found a time,I told Ding Keyu one by one。

Ding Keyu is grateful to Zhang for everything he did,Malicious light flashed in his eyes。
I knew Ye Xingkong was an unusual person before,If it’s like Zhang Cheng said,Ye Xingkong is an amazing character,Remember me carefully,But it’s all matching,That’s no surprise。
I think of the association a few days ago,The difficult movements of the crystal lamp、Agile catch,A casualty avoided,If ordinary people are difficult to catch。
Ding Keyu thought that since he is a great person,Simply as a bystander,Let Feynak and Zhang Cheng deal with Ye Xingkong。
With Ding Kelan’s instruction,Zhang Chengfang formally used his fist,Careful planning。
Zhang Cheng pretending to pursue Xiaoyun,Start traveling to and from the apartment。
Wait till Ye Xingkong comes home,It’s already short days。When Ye Xingkong came home, it was dark,He changed clothes as usual,Outdoor sports。
Ran on the trail this day,Feynak, who has become a Zhang Cheng, is talking about walking naturally。Ye Xingkong thought it was a family waiter,Pass by,Ignore it,Unexpected“Zhang Cheng”A head-starting move that rises into the sky is about to hit the back of Ye Xingkong’s head,It is unusual to hear the rapid wind approaching,Ye Xingkong’s flexible flash,Successfully avoided。
Simultaneously,Catch“Zhang Cheng”Send arm forward,Slippery“Zhang Cheng”Arm break free,Really want to fly,“Zhang Cheng”Quickly fled outside the apartment。
A few dragonflies in the starry sky,Rush to catch up,Zhangcheng was driving outside to meet him,“150”High speed,Immediately throw Ye Xingkong far away。
Ye Xingkong being thrown off,Annoyed by not catching Feynak,Beat a sturdy tree at hand,Angry vent,The whole tree was shaken to pieces。
Took a breath,Thinking about how to respond,Feeling that a peaceful life is about to waver,He doesn’t want this。
Xie Lisu in the apartment,I can’t get Ye Xingkong’s righteousness,Heartbroken。After bidding farewell to Chen Limu,And I have a short message with Ye Xingkong,Dragging simple luggage,With a heart of courtship for the stars,Leave the apartment。
Parting,Although Yang Zi and Xiaoyun don’t know if they are really trying to stay or are they fake,Anyway, when giving Xie Lisu,Shed tears,Let those who are leaving are all moved。
Chen Limu took Li De and personally took her to the airport,Until after watching her boarding,Just turned around。
Shortly after,Looking at the blue sky,Fly out of a plane。There is helplessness between the eyebrows,Sigh to yourself,child,Do everything,My heart for Ye Xingkong,I know,After all, I love my family Ke Lan,It’s a pity that Ke Lan doesn’t have that blessing,good luck!