“……Broke up。”Amei took a sigh of relief,And reluctantly smiled and said:“But it’s okay!”

“You and Wang Shuai?broke up?”Xiao Xiao was surprised,Although I think they are in condition,But I didn’t expect it to be so serious。
“I do not know how to describe……”Ami really needs to talk,I’m not in the mood to continue pretending nothing happened here。“It’s noisy here!”
Xiao Xiao originally only asked her if she was okay,Just to express concern carefully,If May is not willing to say,She really asked,Instead, it made Amei refuse。If May is not willing to say,Will say nothing;Willing to say,Will reveal what happened。
Since Amei revealed,Of course Xiao Xiao is willing to care,Just say:“We go for a walk。”
“Ok。”When May stands up,Xiao Xiao thoughtfully greeted him:“Stuffy,May accompany me out for a walk。”
Wang Shuai looked at Abao with worry,The latter knows,Got up and went out quickly,Li Xiang saw that Qiangwei didn’t follow,She said go dance,Also out of the private room。
Tank knows that Wang Shuai is worried about Xiao Xiao,After all, she is too beautiful,I’ve been in trouble twice for no reason,So I took the initiative to follow out。
When Xiaoji found out that the tank was missing,Thought he went to the bathroom,No intentions for a while。
Wang Shuai finished talking with people,Come back and sit down next to Chen Wenjin,Watching him listen to others singing calmly,Pat him,ask:“It sounds so nice?”
“She sings full of emotion,Touching。”Chen Wenjin likes songs that incorporate emotions,From lyrics to singing,It’s all a story。
“She sings very emotionally,So I invite her out every time,Just because she likes to sing and she sings like me。Have her as a wheat tyrant,I like to sing,You don’t have to be polluted by others’ singing。”Wang Shuai is really calculating everywhere,Originally also,This girl is neither beautiful,No boyfriend,Don’t like to interact with people enthusiastically,But every time I drink,Wang Shuai will specially invite,It turned out to be the motivation。but,At this moment, Wang Shuai does not want to discuss singing,He stared at Chen Wenjin and said:“I thought you would take the initiative to go out and care about Xiao Xiao’s condition,Unexpectedly,You are really indifferent and indifferent!”
“Three are not enough?Say again,I won’t always run into trouble。”Chen Wenjin,Staring at Wang Shuai and asking him:“Why are you caring about this lately??”
“Have it?”
“There’s none?”
“Could it be that you care too much about Xiao Xiao-related issues?,That’s why I feel that I am particularly concerned about this?In fact,Isn’t my piercings and roses my biggest concern now??”Wang Shuai lowered his voice。
“Remind you,Don’t think about getting confused. 3。What do you care most now,Does not affect the fact that you are also particularly concerned about other things。”Chen Wenjin saw Wang Shuai so interested,Just talk with him。