“Sister Qu,You can count it,Help me,Kill this kid。”

Talking,He tremblingly wanted to stand up,Run to Qu Mingyue,But only halfway up,Qin Feng kicked it on the face,Whole person again
Hit the wall behind,Two nosebleeds from the nostril at the same time。
“Little brother,Be so cruel in front of me,You don’t want me too much?”
Qin Feng said indifferently:“Woman like you,I won’t put it in my eyes。”
Listen to him say this,People around swallowed at the same time,Showed a look of pity towards Qin Feng。
To know,Sister Qu and Nan Yangfei are completely different characters,Is the representative of toad skin in Liuli City,Clenched fist,Even the four big families dare not save face。
And Sister Qu has many masters,If he is eyeing,Afraid to be the boss of Liuli City,Martial arts are in danger。
Qu Mingyue was also taken aback when she heard this,But he deserves to be a toad skin boss,Reacted immediately。
Laugh without anger,Walk to Qin Feng’s side with catwalks,Tao。
“I know,You like me right?”
(End of this chapter)
Chapter six hundred and fifty seven Write off
but,Qin Feng pushed her away with this wave,Cold road。