“I am very sure of that!”Li Ming understands,It seems that these two don’t want to talk with themselves anymore,Also nodded。

Soon the two great ancestors brought four subordinates,Tearing the void and leaving。
Saw them disappear in the cracks,Li Ming also sighed slightly,Take back the white jade fairy sword wrapped around your fingertips。
Robe of Ten Thousand Worlds,Just cover him。
Just the meat,It seems to be eaten and transferred to the magic treasure of the cave mansion as soon as it enters the belly。
He is not so naive,Just meet two ancestral gods and trust。
Even this magic weapon,All turned into a little dagger。
fortunately,Although the red-winged ancestor god of these two ancestor gods used some murderous intentions,But was stopped by Yu Feng Zushen。
otherwise—He probably killed these two ancestor gods,Offended He Fengzong,You have to flee to other areas。
Don’t talk about the great power of the world,It’s an ancestral formation formed by hundreds of ancestors,He can only catch it。
fortunately,No hands—And he does plan to choose a force to join,He Fengzong is a choice。
of course,Just as he said,He needs to compare one or two,Choose what is best for you。
“Yu Feng,Why did you stop me just now,He is a kid from other places,No background,Or just an ancestor,Don’t know how to praise,Kill it directly!”
“Even if he is not weaker than us,But so close—Kill him easily!”The red-winged ancestor god has a bloody stern in his eyes。
If Li Ming goes to Hefengzong with them,As a draw-in recommender,They all get a reward。
But Li Ming won’t go,But made him murderous,Intend to use Li Ming’s wealth to make up for himself。
Yu Feng Zushen smiled bitterly and shook his head,“All right,I stopped you for a reason,You know I am good at insects and beasts—”
Spread your hands,A bee like a butterfly,The beast with nine pairs of wings waving its wings and staying in the palm。
“This little guy,Although there is no fighting power,But has a strong sense of strength—It tells me,Once we do,In front of the ancestor god,The two of us must die!”