Han Jiang hit his hand,Suddenly there is a painful pain from the fingers,Finger is bounced。

“Is this the power of the law??”
The law of pseudoitis than in the world bubble,The strength of the bud jamming is not on a grade.。
The attacker of fake violations is hot and hot,Bud jam,The air begins to spread violent breath。
Lightning sparks visible to the naked eye,Have a certain attack。
“This is still the third law.,What is the truly actuator?!”Han Jiang felt a lot。
“Is the law so powerful??”The flagless wing didn’t know when I climbed it out of the hole.,Quietly touched the side of Hanjiang。
“I thought that man is a real leg.,It seems that it is completely judging.。”
Han Jiang turned his head to see the wings of the flag:“Record http://www.jiyinjiancewang.cn all combat data,Analyze the combat trajectory of two as possible,I may use it。”
Site followed a walking recorder,How can Hanjiang may not use?,When the understanding of Joyce’s understanding is the simulation gravity of the first law.,Still the thunder and lightning of the third law!
The bud of the law has attacked the past,The gravity of youth manipulation is like a thin paper in front of the bud.,It’s easy to be torn。
Young,Collapse the attitude of playing,Start all your best to deal with buds。
His task can be to take away the thunderbulus jacket,I don’t even want to take the right gemstone.,Can you really defeat this girl in front of you?。
at the same time,De Lisa’s exclusive training room,Alert starts on a screen on the console。
“Bomb implanted in the third law has started,Countdown http://www.taoforest.cn five minutes!”
“what?”De Lisa palm is taken on the console。
“why,Why is the sprout??”De Lisa。
The third law is to be the decision she made with Kii.,The buds are about a year in the Santa Feria School for a year.。
Now actually,Is the conspiracy of the law,Still other reasons?
Protective mechanism in the body,Have to let D’Lisa think。
She is the school leader in this school.,The safety of hundreds of internship women’s gods,Don’t say there is a lot of ordinary staff.。
“School leader,Self-proclaimed men who claim to be reversed to entropy sneak into the school,Grasping the internship female Wushen thunder bud。”
In less than one second,An emergency communication is cut into the Terester of De Lisa。
De Lisa heard the news,First of all, I am embarrassed.,She should not suspect the bud。
Second,It http://www.fysanlultd.cn is anger。
Skinny fist is smashed in the console table corner,Desk corner,Fall into the ground。
“Qi Yana,Express training,Some people invaded the school,Grab the buds!”De Lisa shouted in the field and the enemy’s right Qiaa。
Qi Yana has passed the strong enemy in several rounds of mind.,The enemy faced at this time is her father.,Qi Gay Caslanna。