United States Mississippi warns residents use the drug insects veterinary drug "self-doctor" new crown

  The US Mississippi Ministry of Health issued a letter to the medical system, recently found that many people infected with the new crown of viruses, Ivoncin succeeded at home, and poisoned.

Experts warned that residents have a disease, don’t eat veterinary drugs. According to the US "Capital Mountain" Daily, the Mississippi Toxic Control Center has recently received the surge in phones that are suspected of poisoning after Ivoi.

The state health department said that at least 70% of the recent help calls were related to residents’ intake of "animal use or the beast Imaisi".

  85% of the calling people have slightly poisoned symptoms, only one person needs further assistance, and no one needs hospitalization for the time being.

  Symptoms of poisoning after Ivancorin include rash, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, neurological disorder and even hepatitis.

  The letter from the Ministry of Health of the Ministry of Health, the company’s Chief Epidemiology, the main epidemiological expert, Paul Byers, departed: "It is recommended to use the drug concentration of large animals. It may be a poor toxic to the human body … should not be recommended to take patients. Any drug originally used to treat animals, but should guide them to only take the Physician’s inheriochemistry.

"The United States has surged the new crown case, Mississippi is one of the serious regions, but the new crown vaccination rate in the state is ranked second in the United States. [Xinhua News Agency Micro" (Qi Xiaoyu, Jiang Jie).