ried.”Floating Sumi this saying, and no teeth of a cla北京夜网ss of mood, but is used to tell a narrative way Bale.

  But Long Qing know, Susu was serious, for their families, for their own choice, even for their own love, that is their own, Susu can really put a life ready to sacrifice, not at all hesitant.
  Long Qing see such Susu did not hold back, laughing voice.
  ”Susu, there I was, how will you go and others to life Competing?fool.”
  If he went there and who desperately Susu still motionless, then he should do?Susu is better to own one too good.
  ”I know you are good to me, but by mistake, you can always stay with you by my side?You do not have your own things to do?”Susu singled out the mushrooms are cleaned and clean, this child will hear the dragon Qing say, that heCertainly made a big macho.
  ”Although I have my own things to do, now do not can always stay by your side, but I will leave my confidant, I totally trust extraordinary here secretly to protect you, not will make you suffer any damage, it will not affect your life.”Long Qing looked at Sumi, he said seriously.
  ”Your confidant, you totally trust the people, Oh, by mistake, although I do not know how the situation now, but I had an idea, and now it is your employer, I can not waste your human at this time, not to mention future long way to南宁夜网 go, since I’ve decided to be with you, I have to have this ability can stand on your side, what little thing I can rely on you, is not it?”Sumi hands of mushrooms, one by one, jumped out of the water, neatly placed in the dish, her voice lightly, just completely without panic.
  ”Susu, Murong home, not a good phase.Murong Sheng is resourceful, you would not think that he would only do business with it?Then you may Tai Xiaoqiao him.”Long Qing is preparing vegetables hand paused, looked at Sumi, Stern said..
  He must let Susu beware Murong Sheng, can not relax our vigilance.
  Sumi nodded disapprovingly: “If Murong Sheng will only do business, he can live up to now?I am afraid that has long bones waste products are gone.I started not know his identity, but thought he was a