Chongqing Traffic Vocational College Zhang Yi won the "Chongqing Work Model"

Zhang Yi.

Chongqing Traffic Vocational College is known, Zhang Yi is aimed at the assistant of the principal of Chongqing Traffic Vocational College. In 2012, he was rated as advanced individuals in the logistics energy management of Chongqing. In 2020, he was rated as an advanced individual in the city’s universities in the city.As a educator, Zhang Yi always adheres to party education in the work, the initial heart of Guoshuai, firmly established as awareness of teachers and student services, reluctant, dedicated, and managing people, serving people’s positions.Positive contribution.Zhang Yi said that the honorary title of "Chongqing Municipal Work Model" is the spur and inspiration to himself.And love to practice our loyalty to education. "(Hu Hong, Yuan Jie, Wen Ting) (Editor: Huang Ling, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.