Pediatric massage precautions

Pediatric massage precautions

Massage the delicate baby, pay attention to a few things.

  [The massage environment should be quiet and the room temperature should be appropriate]The room is too high, the child’s treatment area and the operator’s hands are prone to sweat, which affects the operation.

  [Operator’s hands must be kept clean and warm]The surgeon must perform manicure frequently to avoid puncturing the skin of children and affect the treatment.

Cover the operating area with a soft towel during the massage and change frequently.

  [Positive position]Before the massage, the patient should maintain a certain position according to the patient’s condition, the acupoints taken and the need of the operator to use the technique.

The choice of posture armor is based on manual operation and comfort of children.

Generally, specific people under 3 years old can receive massages. Children over 3 years old can take a seated position, supine position, prone position, or side position.

  [Dialectical method]Massage treatment of pediatric diseases must strictly follow the principles of TCM dialectical treatment to use techniques and select acupuncture points.

It cannot be said that pediatric massage is enough as long as it has some simple operation methods and ancient people’s operation formula.

  [Strength of the surgeon’s strength]When massaging, the surgeon’s strength should be concentrated. The technique should be moderately started. The technique should not be too heavy. It should be light, gentle, smooth and solid.The active cooperation of children with progress can prevent fear and affect subsequent treatment.

  [Frequency of massage]Usually massage once a day before going to bed. Children with severe illness may increase the number of massages as appropriate. One week is a course of treatment.

If two or three courses are performed, no effect is seen.

Should go to the hospital for treatment, so as not to delay the timing of treatment.

  [Contraindications to massage]Skin burns, burns, abrasions, lacerations, and sores are not suitable for local massage.

Certain acute infectious diseases, such as cell tissue inflammation, bone tuberculosis, osteomyelitis, erysipelas, etc.

Various malignant tumors, fractures, dislocations, etc.