Seven kinds of sleeping pills should not be taken

Seven kinds of sleeping pills should not be taken

Guide: sleeping pills can help people with insomnia to sleep well, but taking sleeping pills is also contraindicated.

The following seven people should not take sleeping pills: ◆ pregnant women should not take sleeping pills.

Some sleeping pills may distort high blood pressure, and may also have difficulty feeding the newborn, jaundice, and lethargy.

◆ Lactating women.

If sleeping pills are taken during lactation, the ingredients of sleeping pills may be transferred to breast milk, causing adverse effects on the newborn.

If the mother is taking sleeping pills during breastfeeding, breastfeeding needs to be avoided.

◆ The elderly and infirm.

Because if the drug remains in the daytime, there will be abnormalities such as dizziness and walking instability, which may bring danger to the older and weaker people.

◆ Persons with heart, liver and kidney disorders.

Sleeping drugs are mainly converted in the liver and are excluded by the kidneys. Patients with liver and kidney disease should not take sleeping drugs.

◆ People with sleep disordered breathing.

Hypnotics can deepen central depression, so patients with dual respiratory illnesses or sleep apnea should not take hypnotics.

◆ Acute angle-closure glaucoma and patients with myasthenia gravis.

The symptoms of these patients taking the sleeping pills worsen dramatically.

◆ It is not advisable to take sleeping pills after drinking.

Alcohol has the same effect on inhibiting the central nervous system as sleeping pills. Do not use it at the same time, so as to prevent the central nervous system from causing excessive injury.

In addition, experts remind that although the effect of sleeping pills in treating insomnia is good and the safety range is also overcome, if it exceeds the normal therapeutic dose or long-term use of normal therapeutic amounts can form drug dependence (ie addiction).

At present, the drugs used in the clinical treatment of insomnia mainly include diazepam, limening, nitro-diazepam, demethoxy-diazepam, methyltriazole-chlorazide and the like.

In addition, there are drugs such as Miao Ertong, hypnotic ketones, and sleep inducing agents.

These drugs suffer from the effects of drug metabolizing enzymes in the liver in the body. After the patient takes the drugs, the drugs enter the blood and the site of action, and play a hypnotic effect at a certain drug concentration. Then these drugs are broken down and destroyed by the action of liver drug enzymes.Its effect disappeared.

If patients take certain sleeping pills often, these drugs will convert liver drug enzymes to produce more and more “tolerance”.

Sleeping pills are prescription drugs. For insomniacs, sleeping pills should be taken under the guidance of a doctor.

If you go to a pharmacy to buy it or are good at changing your doctor’s prescription to increase the amount of medicine, which leads to dizziness, drowsiness, decreased concentration, memory loss, etc. For liver, kidney, cardiovascular and sleep apnea, patients, taking sleeping pills alsoMay cause serious danger.

Therefore, experts caution, do not take sleeping pills casually.