“grown ups,Is it OK to accept others?。”

Qin Feng didn’t move at all,Instead, I got goose bumps all over my body,Pushed her away with disgust,Cold voice。
“I’ll say it one last time,Get out of me。”
Qu Mingyue heard this,Trembling with anger,If it weren’t for knowing that she would have no chance of winning,She really wants to die with Qin Feng。
“One more thing to warn you,Who in your group dares to touch Jiang Yan?,Don’t blame me for destroying your group。”
Finished,Qin Feng didn’t want to stay for a moment,I don’t want to see this disgusting woman,Walk directly into the elevator,Pressed the button on the second floor。
now,Qu Mingyue finally exposed his emotions,Her face twisted,Eyes full of viciousness,The slender nails on both hands were pierced in the palms。
“it is good,well,Kid,You are the first person to humiliate me so much,No matter what the price,My Qu Mingyue will make you pay。”
But soon,A wicked smile appeared on her face,She put her index finger on the tip of her mouth。
“Hehe,I haven’t tasted Mr. Da,I don’t know if that aspect is as strong as strength,Kid,I hope you don’t fall into the palm of my old mother。”
Just up the stairs,Under the sun,Qin Feng shivered abruptly,He frowned,Didn’t think much,After leaving the hotel, he went home directly。
Arrived at the villa,He happened to see Li Ergou patrolling Jiang Yan’s villa。
Li Ergou saw Qin Feng’s car coming,Happily ran over。