at this time,In Xia Chenglong’s heart,There was a little doubt,Who did this thing?,He was also very curious at the time,But now he has no conclusion。

But at this moment,Xia Chenglong suddenly discovered,All the resentment around this time rushed towards the blood corpse,Endless vitality around this,And the resentful spirits around here,All rushed towards him frantically。
And at the end,Xia Chenglong suddenly discovered that the man’s body was actually slowly growing limbs,She saw this scene,I took a breath at the time,There was a little confusion in his eyes,The expression is full of puzzlement。
Since entering this cave,Everything here is so weird,First of all, as soon as I came in, I provoke the blood girl and the blood demon,Even Xia Chenglong doesn’t know why,The two of them will come to trouble themselves。
And then immediately,Murong Ningbing came out,When Xia Chenglong thought of this,,An indifferent expression,I heard him murmur at this moment:
“and many more,What is going on with Murong Ningbing??If it’s her cultivation base,If he follows himself all the way,It’s unlikely that you won’t notice,But the breath of that woman at the time was indeed Murong Ningbing.,What the hell is going on?”
Xia Chenglong scratched his head,At this time, even the super-minded him,Also a little unpredictable。
Now this thing has started to become confusing,Everything is full of doubts,No one can say anything about this now,Xia Chenglong can’t do it by himself,No one else。
But at this time, Xia Chenglong couldn’t think too much,Because at this moment, he suddenly found it on the corpse,When I got there, my head slowly grew,Then in the end the corpse actually started to move。
“Quack,All these years,I finally discovered the heart of the wild,This person with a great heart is really different,Is to have great wisdom!”
Xia Chenglong was said to be in the mist by that person,What exactly is that blood corpse talking about,He doesn’t understand,Actually it’s not just the blood corpse,Including previous,Blood Princess and Blood Demon King,The heart of the wild as spoken by the two populations,He himself has a little knowledge。
And even though Xia Chenglong can’t be said to have read all over the past and present,But at least there is no way to know more about this ancient book,But now he,I don’t know what they are talking about.。
However, according to these various forces, they are eyeing themselves,From this point of view,Xia Chenglong felt that these prehistoric things should not be simple things。
But even when Xia Chenglong realized this thing in his body,May be unusual,But he didn’t know what was the use of this thing,Or that I don’t know when I got it。
Xia Chenglong now seems to be sitting on a treasure,But I don’t know how to use the same,He is like this now。
But that blood corpse,Now I see it looking at Xia Chenglong, but the eyes are full of greed,He can keenly perceive that learning is a covet and desire for himself。
Xia Chenglong at this time,There was also a moment of speechlessness in my heart. After all I,This is the first time I was stared at by a blood corpse,No matter who encountered this kind of thing,It will definitely not feel good in my heart。
But at this moment,Just when the blood corpse just woke up,Xia Chenglong heard a dragon chant,Yes,Just a dragon chant, a real dragon chant。