A little splash appeared in the eyes of the old man,I regret the spoiling,If you watch him strictly,perhaps。。。Those things won’t happen!

“Wait,You think i’m like your grandson,Then why are you always beating me??”
The old man smiled at Fuming and said:“I said that,The last thing I regret is my doting on him,and so!!!”
Fuming understood instantly,My face instantly became so bitter,I’m really sad enough,Actually sent it to the door to be beaten。。。
“Come,Satiated,Time to practice!”
“please do not,It’s all night”
The old man stared at Fuming,Run back to the original position immediately,Start practicing,The old man puts a smile on his mouth。
“There is still half a month before the college competition,I don’t know if Ye Fuming and Bai Ai will come back!”The elder looked at the dean and said。
The dean smiled and looked at the elder。
“You worry about whether they will have enough time to come back,Why don’t you worry about whether you can live?!”
The elder shook his head and said:“The white windy king protects,Security is not a problem!”
“What about Ye Fuming?”
“Ha ha,Dean, have you heard a word?,Good people don’t live long,Is the scourge left for a thousand years?!”
The two looked at each other and laughed,indeed,Since I recruited Fuming this student,Bailian Academy never stopped,It’s okay to say it’s evil!