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  Gu sleep woke up the next morning in bed, my mind still dull dull pain, the hurt, she slowly sat up in bed for a while, touch the program group to the phone looked at the time.
  The already half past one pm.
  She would remember to eat hot pot last night, she drank a very low degree of wine, then remember anything.
  Then leaf Fifi came from outside: “Gu sleep you finally awake!”She smiled and quipped:” You drink only bad, r杭州桑拿论坛ight!3 degrees wine you can get drunk, I was really served.”
  Gu sleep smile: “I do not know my hard drinker so bad.”
  ”First up something to eat, I’ll give you a food fight in the cafeteria.”Ye Fei Fei said, holding the packaged food on the table.
  ”Thank you.”Gu Mian opened a quilt out of bed, Shunkou Wen said:” I came back last night is how?”
  ”Teacher Li and Liu Yingying drive you back.”Ye Fei Fei said quite some regret, said:” I blame blame too good drinker, otherwise it can rub on Lebanese teacher’s car.”
  Just then, Liu Yingying came in, hands also carrying a lunch box: “Gu sleep you awake?”
  ”You have to care sleep hit rice?I also help her fight.”Ye Fei Fei Liu Yingying looked lunch one hand say.
  ”Thank you very much.”Gu sleep with a smile thanks, and Liu Yingying said:” I’ll go and wash up.”
  Gu went to sleep with toiletries北京桑拿 public bathroom, put to sleep a little messy hair and hand tied into a ball head, squeezed tooth杭州桑拿paste on the toothbrush and start to brush your teeth.
  Liu Yingying slipped in from behind, tentatively asked: “Gu sleep, do you remember what happened last night on the ah?”
  Gu into a sleep-containing saliva in the mouth after a while grunt down to the water mixed with a foam discharging, and then looked up in the mirror Liu Yingying: “how?I was drunk last night