Then suddenly reddened face, instantly breathing and heartbeat becomes rapid up, call the person next to him several times, he was gone silly blankly.

  Miss Su is just myself and say thank you?It is not a dream?
  Drizzle child never received such respect, and never a 北京夜网beautiful sister to him laugh, yard although those sisters are watching him and laughing, but the smile seemed to let his heart very sad.
  Although he is silly, but the feeling is still very emotional, but keen.
  He instinctively can distinguish these people to him in the end is well-intentioned, or malicious.
  ”Oh, Miss Su, you roll out how this surface skin is transparent?Oh, you look, the toughness quite good, especially the noodle, better than we usually use flour.”Yang is responsible for Ganmian skin is particularly proud of the grace Shoudexia a little apprentice, unskilled laborer This child either because it is not enough, so Ganmian skin little thing he will not do.
  ”Let me see.”Well Yang picked up his own disciples to roll out the dough with the eyes of a little marvel.
  ”Miss Su, this is going to do?”Yang En looked shrim南宁桑拿p and conch meat Sumi want, thinking is to do dumplings or buns or salty point ‘?
  ”Do shrimp dumplings.”Sumi did not hide it, anyway, for a while we will see.
  ”I put these people to help Miss Su shrimp are chopped.”Yang Well actually really want to ask is how this dough can do so transparent, but he is to understand the rules, after all, he and Sumi non-relative, it is not a mentoring relationship, so really not杭州龙凤桑拿 ask for.

  ☆, three hundred and fortieth chapters: Willow House cook 3

  ”No, this shrimp dumplings I go back on the whole prawns into them, you minced no way I used it.”Sumi quickly shook his head, the way the shrimp conch meat dishes took over:” Young Master, you go busy, here on my own on the line.”
  Sumi looked at Yang En, laughing.
  ”Well, if something Miss Su told, despite hello, I do not deft hands these little apprentice, I personally wait on Miss Su.”Well Yang’s attitude is very respectful, but added a bit embarrassed to let Sumi.
  Casually nodding twice