naturally, maiden horse statues below, is the head Julang.

  His heart is also a bit puzzled.
  Because the cloud Che know, Wen nine other side, there are Julang.
  And Julang creature, he had in Jinju, when encountered, is familiar to the.
  Although for many years in the capital Yun Chol life, however, so big, or the first time he came to the dilapidated for a long time Liang left behind Temple, so he did not know before, this temple is like.
  However, he深圳桑拿 is only surprised for a moment, because he remembered.
  Former ruler Kim tribe, they are from northwest.
  E南宁桑拿论坛thnic Northwest, Central Plains have a lot of people with different myths and legends, worship Ju Lang is one of them.
  This girl should be a god myths and legends of them.
  Yun Chol Jin before reading the books of the time, came across some similar legend, but he can not remember the.
  At this time, Zhou Xiangting palace with two brothers, also came in.
  A door, Zhou Xiangting pulled cloud Che, move forward: “Ah Che, I tell you, at the entrance where.Look over there, right there.”
  Yun Chol took two steps forward, see Wen nine and did not keep up, he quickly removed the Zhou Xiangting arm, stopped, turned back to the temperature around nine.
  Wen looked at nine eyes glazed, lost focus, he was a bit worried, quickly call the names of nine temperature.
  Wen Che cloud nine was such a shout, they recovered.
  At the same time, just f南宁桑拿论坛lashed in her eyes, the fight scene on the screen as a movie in general those of the battlefield, and it would all disappear.
  She discovered that he was standing in the abandoned Temple in front of where riding Julang what vivid Ares girl drink a mighty force?
  But a coat of paint came off the statue only.
  I do not know why, Wen nine who roused a layer of sweat.
  Just that pictu