Su rain blushed put their little panties and handed him.

  Lu cross piece carrying light things, trying to keep calm, watching the instructions that follow, stiff hands and feet of the sanitary napkin posted up.
  He actually found himself shaking fingertips.
  That his mother also weary than Zouren!
  ”Lu cross, this sticky.”The little girl expressed doubts.
  Lu lateral face twisted again read the directions.
  Fuck, stickers backwards!
  Toss finished, already at twelve.
  Su rain sleepy straight dozing catch bed is horizontal land.
  Dark room, juvenile crouched beside the bed, find the “menstruation w佛山桑拿ith” in the name.
  Moonlight such as fog, bringing hazy.
  Lu horizontal tear sheets hand corner and see the beautiful flower Kapok.
  A bold idea popped in his mind.
  Really.Incredible ah.

Chapter 14
  Today is a rite of passage.
  Classes were divided into several temporary group, arranged the scene to help.
  ”Hey, you are stupid you?Bunch of good students so that they buckle down chant.Anyway, tomorrow to receive an award, lectures are a bunch of good students, off what we do.”
  Su Zhou Anan watching the rain that look Rehan, throw her dislike of a pack of napkins.
  ”I heard that dance room next door with air conditioning.Let’s go blow air-conditioned.”Zhou Anan while speaking, while pulling Su rain to go next door.
  Large hot day, two people were in the hallway tan dizzy.
  ”Hey, do not see today how cross land?A few d深圳桑拿网ays ago you do not or Siamese twins?”
  The weather is too hot, the Soviet Union rain wearing dress has been soaked in sweat, posted a slim body line.
  Although Xiao Nizi looks thin, it is really a lot of the others.That body white, just to shake spent the human eye.
  Zhou Anan low voice, reveals a gossip, “Do not you be broaching the land?”
  Su rain head tilt, “What do you mean rejection?”
  Zhou Anan glance at her, “it is not to you.”
  Su rain heart a “thump”.
  She hugged a pair of hands, then muffled voice said: “Oh,.”
  See the Soviet Union look like rain, Zho