Five effects of eating longan toxicity

Five effects of eating longan toxicity

The following introduces a long-term food “medicine longevity” with the same medicine and food.

  Longan is also called longan in some places, while in some places, only fresh longan is called longan, and dried fruit is called longan.

However, whether it is fresh or dry, it does not affect people’s love for it.

Even some people eat it as a snack.

Longan is indeed a very good food for the body, but any healthy and nutritious food should not be eaten too much at one time. Longan is hot and easily gets angry.

  However, when it comes to longan, we first think of its benefits. Eating a longan every day is very good for the body and the brain.

Specifically, longan has the following effects.

  First, the fracture of eating longan 1. In the Book of Changes, longan is known as the first panacea for invigorating the brain. It can be seen that since ancient times, longan has been highly evaluated for invigorating the brain.

  Longan meat is very good for the brain. It can not only enhance memory, but also relieve fatigue caused by excessive brain use.

If you are a mental worker, after going home every day, you may wish to eat some longan, or boil water to drink with longan meat, can effectively relieve brain fatigue and quickly restore the brain to awake state.

  2. Insufficient qi and blood If a person has insufficient qi and blood, it will cause symptoms such as insomnia, forgetfulness, dizziness, etc. For a long time, it is miserable.

The glucose in longan can be directly absorbed by the body, which can replenish the body with energy.

In addition, longan meat can replenish qi and blood, which is especially beneficial for people with weak constitution.

  Qi and blood in Chinese medicine are separated, but they are interdependent and together provide nutrition to the body and make life full of vitality.

People with qi and blood are ruddy, full-fledged, and energized. If you want to be such a person, eat longan.

  3. For people who suffer from insomnia for a long time, it is very painful to turn the other side at night.

The point is that insomnia can give people anxiety, and it will cause chaos in internal secretions.

Some people are nervous about taking sleeping pills, but they are not a long-term solution. They should also be conditioned from the inside of the body to achieve the purpose of healing.

  ”Southern Yunnan Materia Medica” records the efficacy of longan can “nourish the blood and soothe the nerves”, and the main ingredient of the traditional Chinese medicine “guipi pill” for insomnia is longan too.Longan, I believe that insomnia can quickly improve.

  4, lipid-lowering studies have proven that eating longan meat can increase coronary blood flow, thereby achieving the effect of lowering blood lipids.

Although longan is sweet to eat, it does not rise in blood lipids, which reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  5, anti-cancer through animal experiments, can cause such symptoms: regular diet longan can inhibit the growth and development of JTC-26 tumors, which will reduce the incidence of cancer by 90%.

Therefore, there is scientific basis for longan’s anti-cancer effect.

  Second, the taboos of eating longan Although there are so many benefits, there are certain taboos.

  1, pregnant women can not eat pregnant women’s constitution is often yin deficiency Huo Wang, which is why pregnant women easily constipation.

Although longan itself has the effect of conceiving, but eating too much internal heat is more serious, which aggravates the discomfort of pregnant women, and even triggers symptoms of threatened abortion. For insurance purposes, pregnant women are best not to eat longan.

  2. It is not advisable to eat longan if there is a lot of fire and sputum. When we have a cold and cough, we often get angry or sputum. This phenomenon is more serious when longan is eaten.

  Everyone knows that longan is a nourishing food with a sweet taste. Many people think it is a snack.

Indeed, there are many benefits to eating longan, which can strengthen the brain, nourish qi and blood, help sleep, lower blood lipids and anti-cancer, etc. However, pregnant women and people who get angry and have more sputum should not eat it.

Longan is hot, and it is easy for people with normal constitution to get angry if they eat too much, so don’t eat a lot at one time, and don’t eat other hot foods after eating, so as not to add oil to the fire.