Jeremy Lin’s first show push coach: meaning sorry, playing so bad in the first half

Jeremy Lin’s first show “push” coach: meaning sorry, playing so bad in the first half
Jeremy Lin’s first show won fan approval.Figure / Osports stepped on bloodshed, bruises on the corners of the eyes, Jeremy Lin stumbled at the beginning of last night’s CBA regular season experience.Just like the Beijing Shougang men’s basketball team where he was, after experiencing the passive in the first half, he found a way to win in the second half.25 + 9 + 6, Jeremy Lin’s transcripts won the recognition of the team and most of the fans, he is also confident that he can integrate with the team better.Revealing the interaction with Yannis After the Beijing-Tianjin game, Jeremy Lin took off his shoes and walked down the court barefoot, giving the sneakers to the little fans on the stand when he retired.After each game, a pair of sneakers was sent, which is Jeremy Lin’s “Generous (Generous) Idea” for CBA.The CBA gave him six falls in the first quarter and a half. He ruptured and bleeded red protective gear, and his eyes were spotted blue.”This is my” meeting ceremony “, welcome me.The Tianjin team used a “wheel battle” to watch against Jeremy Lin. Of his 9 points in the first half, 7 points came from free throws.Such physical confrontation made it difficult for Jeremy Lin, who had struggled with injuries in the past two seasons, to adapt.Even so, he still praised his opponent: “They played with all their strength and defended well. We didn’t perform well in the first half because they defended very well.”With 9 minutes and 38 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Jeremy Lin counterattacked in the backcourt and faced the two retreating players. He lost the balance and scored the goal, stopping the Tianjin team.When he got up and walked to the team bench, Jeremy Lin was yelled by head coach Yanis, and then he patted the Greeks in response.”He said,‘ Why wait so long for you to have such a performance ‘, he was kidding.I pushed him a bit, a bit like an apology, meaning sorry, so bad in the first half.”After the game, it was revealed that the interaction between the two secretly revealed that the midfielder made some psychological construction for himself,” In the second half, you must stick to your own style of play, do n’t think too much, do n’t think about their defenseJust hit it.”Therefore, there were only 11 points in the third quarter and this lightning counterattack in the fourth quarter, as well as the shadow of” Lin Madness “.Jeremy Lin’s first show suffered a strict defense from his opponent.Figure / Osports cut the highest score but did a reset to finish the first CBA regular season, Jeremy Lin said three “difficult”, “I still need to watch the video, I will learn a lot after watching it.”He needs to feel the new team further and merge the new team.”Fang Shuo really carried the whole team in the first half. If it wasn’t for him to play so well, I don’t know if we would have such an ending.Although I am a point guard, I did not help the team well in the first half.”The new leader of the Shougang men’s basketball team scored the highest score in the first game, but made a replacement at the press conference.Fang Shuo’s response was: “I stood up in the first half and other teammates came out in the second half. This is a good phenomenon. The team is having a good chemical reaction.The team members all said that the first game was to find a feeling that the tone was normal.Fang Shuo believes that, especially when new members join, this process is even more difficult.”A team accepting a new player will always have some corners and it will take time to smooth it out.Shuhao also needs time to integrate his own characteristics into the team and at the same time fulfill the team’s requirements.He sometimes does not handle the ball well enough, and he regrets it. We all communicate in time on the court, which can make him reintegrate into the team.”From today I will slowly understand the characteristics of teammates, we must work hard to continue this cooperation.”But the season is always changing and will not be very comfortable.”There are still 45 unknown games, and even the playoffs are waiting for Jeremy Lin and the Shougang men’s basketball team.He said that the first step has been taken, and every step after that will have to work harder.Yannis often hangs his words: “Time is our friend.”Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Chen Wang Xihuang proofread Chen Diyan