“After you go,Can tell them,If you come to Sandstorm City,I don’t have to worry about the water source anymore。and also,In case you want to retreat,You can take the water pipe。”

Master Wu Hao said this,Everyone present was taken aback,Then they came to understand,Secretly like in my heart。
It really is Master Wu Hao,No matter how big or small,Too thoughtful,He could even think of,Can be used as a traffic route through a pipeline without water,Thus,The gathering points of the various human races are equivalent to connecting together,Whether it is war or withdrawal,Well-founded,Both offensive and defensive,It is also equivalent to one more escape route。
One thousand two hundred and four chapters Crisis is coming
Ten days,Fleeting。
Gao Dajin brought Huang Shaotian and the people from the grassroots gang,It only took four days,Just built the simplest version of the bright dragon god altar。
This profiteer is really a thief,It turns out that he has already placed a lot of key materials for the construction of the Dragon God Altar in his portable space.,So there is no pressure to build。
It shows that Gao Dajin has long been mentally prepared,Things are bad at first sight,Immediately create a dragon god altar,In addition, he also brought a top sacrifice,I want to take my companions away from this plane,It’s just a matter of minutes。
In other words,For others,A journey to explore the dangerous plane,For the wealthy Gao Dajin and grassroots people,Maybe it’s just a teaching trip。
but,The more mysterious the identity of these people,The less Lu Menglin will pin all his hopes on them,But rely on your own strength,Complete plane exploration,Even lay down the entire plane。
On the fifth day,News came back from Heishui City。
Long Zhanye and Tu Shanming join forces,Successfully killed the Commander of Blackwater City,And with Zhong Ming’s help,Persuaded the soldiers and civilians of Heishui City to surrender。
right now,Lu Menglin already had two human gathering points in his hands,The force in hand officially exceeds 10,000。
Although only nearly 10,000 cannon fodder troops,But this is already a rare victory in the exploration of the plane。
Come to a new plane,Less than a month,Have two small cities,Nearly ten thousand soldiers,Such a glamorous record,Even if it is in the royal family of God City,It’s definitely a great achievement。
And the Korean side,Also received the message,There will be a large number of dark races invading,Start to do pre-war general mobilization。