Chapter VIII Walk with insects
Click!Lu Menglin grabbed it,Then he squeezed the monster that stabbed him into the air。
Followed by,Lu Menglin shook his whole body slightly,The whole body is blooming,Like a rooster shaking feathers,At this moment,Hundreds of fishing toads are full of energy,Every air wire stabbed a strange mosquito accurately。
Those aggressive mosquitoes have not had time to rush to the front,Suddenly all stand still,As if frozen in midair。
Lu Menglin’s Qi Line is closed,Nearly a hundred strange bugs fell to the ground at the same time,Like flowers and leaves,Xuanmiao Wushuang。
Everyone behind them hung their hearts in their throats,Until I saw this amazing scene,Just feel at ease,And there is a sense of pride in my chest。
This,Is our human martial arts master!Strong!too strong!Too powerful!
Facing the sudden invasion of another world,Honestly,Many people are at a loss deep in their hearts,Like Major General Luo Li,The reason why at the beginning,Committing a risk,Test Lu Menglin,There may not be no thoughts of ending up together,That’s because of his lack of confidence,Do not believe that human beings will win in this collision of different worlds,Facing the unknown of a whole world,He is actually pessimistic,Just fulfill your duties。
And at the moment,As a soldier,He is also a warrior,Suddenly confidence soared,Can’t wait to rush up,Fight side by side with Lu Menglin,Kill those odious alien creatures together。
If I had the courage to go forward with Lu Menglin,I don’t know what it will be like?Luo Li thought to himself。
of course,He just thinks about it,Because he is a strong warrior,Nor does Lu Menglin have the horrifying ability,May not survive the attack of those monsters。
Just when everyone thought,Those strange bugs are not Lu Menglin’s opponents,When he might rush into the strange hole to find out,Just hear the buzzing sound,Another group of monsters rushed out of the hole。
An instant,All the faces in the back changed drastically,Because they are really hard to imagine,Just inside a hole,How can I hide so many bugs?How many weird bugs are there?Is it a world of weird bugs inside??
And this time,The strange insects buzzing out of the hole unexpectedly did not attack Lu Menglin,But just hovering around the hole without moving,Every monster keeps an equal distance,From a distance,It’s like a huge solid geometric figure。
Only Lu Meng’s scale does not change color,Instead, he nodded quietly。
Because he knows why the monsters didn’t continue to attack,But the reason。
Just now,After Lu Menglin observed the strange bugs on the ground up close,Suddenly made a bold move。
Wudang secret,Close pores all over the body,Contains all the breath instantly。