Xia Jian is also welcome,Put his ID card in front of Luo Yi,Then walk away quickly。Luo Yi didn’t keep him for dinner。It’s just that Ali on the side hesitated to say something,She may not understand,No matter how busy you are, you have to finish your meal before leaving。

Xia Jian came out of Luo’s family,Called Yang Ying while walking。One call,Xia Jian said straightforwardly:“Manager Yang!I want to see you,Just now”
“OK!Then you come to my house!Not going outside。You will read the text message later,I tell you the address”Yang Ying is refreshing,Hung up after speaking。
Xia Jian just stopped the car on the side of the road,Yang Ying’s text message came。These people must live in the villa area。Xia Jian told the driver the address,The driver said nothing,Run away。
About half an hour,The car has reached the gate of the villa。Xia Jian called Yang Ying,Yang Ying might say hello to Eemon,The taxi drove to the downstairs of Yang Ying’s villa。
Xia Jian is not in the mood to appreciate the scenery of this villa,Instead, he walked quickly to the door of Yang Ying’s villa,When he just raised his hand to knock on the door,The door opened automatically with a click。
First2112chapter Night talk
Because of anxious,Xia Jian didn’t think much,But stepped in。The door behind me shut itself with a bang。
“Xia Jian!Come,Sit here”Yang Ying’s beautiful voice came from the sofa in the living room。Had it not been for Xia Jian to have known Yang Ying in her early forties,Just judge from this sound,Most people think that Ken is a very young woman。
Xia Jian followed the voice,The scene before him makes Xia Jian embarrassed to watch more。I saw the black hair like Yang Ying waterfall draped over her shoulders,It feels like just washed。What’s terrible is that she wore a loose and thin pajamas,A piece of white flowers on the chest。
This pajama is only tied with a belt around the waist,So Yang Yingxuebai’s two beautiful legs,There is a large section exposed。Woman wearing slippers on feet,I also painted bright red nail polish。
“Oh!Sorry。I was still in the shower when you called,I didn’t expect you to be so fast,My hair hasn’t dried yet”Looking at Xia Jian in a daze,Yang Ying smiled softly,Softly explained。
Xia Jian:“Ha ha!”Smiled twice and said:“Sorry,Why don’t you blow your hair,I sit down and wait for you”
“Not get in the way!That’s good。You just relax,I usually dress like this at home,Work for a day,Wear formal clothes,Wearing high shoes is really tired,This is equivalent to relaxing the whole body”Yang Ying said,Stood up。
Xia Jian feels that if he doesn’t sit down again,It might be a bit unreasonable。No one cares about this,He is a big man,Can you still be scared?