“Drink less,Cold in the mountains。Drink some wine to sleep warmer at night”Wang Youcai said with a smile, Feng Yan。

Although it is like this,When Liu Ying pours,,All three cups are full。A pound of liquor,In this big glass,Exactly three cups,You want to drink more。
Wang Youcai secretly praised Liu Ying’s actions,He didn’t wait for Feng Yan to speak,He raised the glass and said:“Welcome Mr. Feng to supervise my work,Please forgive me if there is anything missing。Liu Ying will tidy up President Hu’s room later,Let Mr. Feng live in tonight”
Liu Yingyi is overjoyed,Said with a smile:“Good boss!Go and clean up after dinner”
Liu Ying thought,Feng Yan will definitely be with Wang Youcai tonight,I didn’t expect Wang Youcai to let her sleep alone this time。Is there a problem with their relationship?Woman suspicious。Suddenly Liu Ying remembered,Where does Wang Youcai seem to be during this time?。
Thought of here,Liu Ying almost didn’t hold back a laugh。Feng Yan inadvertently gave Liu Ying a blank look,Raised the wine glass and gently touched Wang Youcai,I lifted it up and took a gulp。
Seeing Wang Youcai,And had a sip with Liu Ying。Wine this is a fun thing,When I drank half a cup,,Everyone started talking。
Wang Youcai and Liu Ying sitting on the sofa,And they are very close。So Wang Youcai accidentally,Always secretly taking advantage of Feng Yan。In front of Liu Ying,Feng Yan is not good,Can only endure silently。
Wang Youcai is unscrupulous,One of his hands,From Feng Pi’s waist,On her round butt,And on her long legs wearing flesh-colored stockings,Wang Youcai can touch and touch。
One bottle of wine for three people,Drank it soon。Liu Ying doesn’t seem to drink well,But Wang Youcai is very sensible tonight,And didn’t bring the second bottle to the table。
Three people eat vegetables after drinking。Liu Ying’s craftsmanship is not as good as any chefs in the hotel,But her craftsmanship is fine。So burn a few dishes on the table,All eaten up。
After eating,Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,Feng Yan has rushed to tell Liu Ying:“Sister Ying!Could you take me to Mr. Hu’s room,I’m a little tired“
Wang Youcai winked at Liu Ying,Liu Ying smiled and said:“it is good!Then I’ll follow me”Liu Ying said,Got up and walked outside。Feng Yanbai glanced at Wang Youcai,Followed quickly。
After a while,Liu Ying is back。She lowered her voice and said:“Mr. Hu’s room doesn’t have a stove,Icy,Manager Feng can’t live at all”
“This is not something we are in charge of,Hurry up and do your business,We might be busy tomorrow。Live in Hu’s room,First, Mr. Hu’s arrangement,Second, she wants to live by herself。But I have to remind you,If she wants to live with you,You must not promise her”Wang Youcai is very scheming。He has to take revenge on her。
Liu Ying glared at Wang Youcai and said:“Just you,I didn’t want to force her to your bed”
Wang Youcai didn’t expect,Liu Ying guessed his mind。He couldn’t let his eyes growl:“Get out!Go back to your room!I’m going to sleep”