Ouyang Tianpeng wears glasses,The first picture I saw was like an electric shock,Although more than 20 years have passed,But some impressive scenes are still fresh in my memory,He hurriedly took out the magnifying glass from the drawer and examined it carefully,Very serious,Read three pictures and texts in one go,The old man finally put down the magnifying glass,Serious face,“This place。”

The goal has been partially achieved,It’s not good to delay the old man’s time,Old man Dong and Li Tianzhen stand up and say goodbye,Before going out,Li Tianzhen asked suddenly,“Did you say that the camera and photos were lost on the way back??”
Ouyang Tianpeng looked at Li Tianzhen in silence,Don’t speak,There is no expression on his face,Li Tianzhen looks at him,Trying to see a certain emotion in the old man’s eyes,of course,He is also very stubbornly waiting for the answer from the other party,Until Old Man Dong touched his arm lightly。
“Then,Thank you so much,Farewell!”
The two barely stayed in the middle-aged man‘Accompany’Left the sanatorium,The road is boring,The car has been bumping,Procedural requirements,Li Tianzhen had to continue his patience in the last paragraph,Dong Lao is the same。
One leaving the range of the guard zone,Li Tianzhu and the other two jumped out of the car without hesitation,Middle-aged man is not surprised,Not even the basic courtesy,Wave,Then he swayed away with the jeep that was about to fall apart。
Two puffs of green smoke hit the sky,Blended into the clouds and disappeared。
“Regardless of the hope,Still apply again according to the procedure。”A few hours later,Li Tianzhi and Dong Dong have returned to the camp outside Wuming Mountain,This is the first time that Old Dong Dong has experienced such a fast flight in the air,The feeling of speed and speed made him aftertaste for a long time,It’s so mysterious,Unconsciously lament the ordinary and insignificance of ordinary life,In my heart, I hope to regenerate the path of spiritual practice that has long been stalled,Until I was interrupted by Li Tianzhen。
“Leave this to me,How sure are you now to find out Shen Wenyu?”
“Best effort,I plan to go to Mobei Xiaoqinggou first。”
“The geographic area of Xiaoqinggou is too large,The entire middle section of the Buried Mountain Range is included,What can you do by yourself?”
“Go see first,There will be a helper。”
“Also from another world?”Old man Dong is very sensitive。
“Not bad,A friend of Yuanjie。”Li Tianzhen does not hide,The enemy is currently,It is necessary to quickly bridge the gaps caused by different ideas with the other party,Also show an attitude。
“Metaverse?”Old man Dong has never heard of it,Until now, his concept of the world of the heavens is still very vague,I doubt that except for the mortal world,And outside the immortal world that practitioners yearn for,Where are so many different worlds??At the same time have to admit,The messy alien creatures I saw recently,A mess of his head。
“Is it reliable??”
“Metaverse is a powerful world,Dayan is the first ally I found。”
“Powerful world?How many do they have?”Old man Dong’s nerves tightened suddenly,This period of experience made him borrow from otherworldly life,Seeing that Li Tianzhen has been on the front line of the battle,How do old man Dong’s ideas differ,Also regarded Li Tianzhen as a member of the Fansheng camp,But this guy is looking for an ally now,Have to make him vigilant。
“Metaverse has been destroyed,There are only eight people on earth。”Li Tianzhen wry smile。