Chen Xiu picked from one end of the shelf to the other,Let’s talk from the eyes of the earth,The handles are magic weapons,but,Which is similar to the first sword,Nothing more,It’s hard to make him think of paying for it。

Come to the end,I saw a dagger-like thing on the bottom of the shelf,Dark and not real,So he bent down and picked it up from the shelf,The dagger was cold for a while,Quite heavy,Wait for Chen Xiu to get it,Just see clearly,This is not a dagger we usually see。
Not so much a dagger,It’s a small sword,Ordinary dagger has a wooden handle,The front is a sharp blade,And this dagger looks like a sword,Hilt and blade are one piece,Are all cast from a metal,But the ratio of the blade to the hilt is not in harmony,The hilt is one size smaller than the common sword,But the blade is much smaller than the common blade。
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Chen Xiu carefully touched the blade with his hands,Doesn’t seem to be the edge,He frowned involuntarily,What is this?
Although this little sword is full of dust,but,Looks dark overall,There is still a faint reflection in it,Chen Xiu is very strange,Use the palm of your left hand to wipe the dust off the small sword。
but,When his left hand stroked the small sword,He suddenly had a strange feeling,As if this little sword is connected to me,The moment you start,A feeling of blood connection comes from the bottom of my heart,seem,This little sword is like an extension of your arm,Very strange。
Wait for him to brush the dust off the sword with his right hand,When you look closely,But found nothing,Just dark metal,Doesn’t reflect any light,Occasionally I can see a faint flicker from the blade of the small sword,I don’t know if it’s the reason to look under the light。
“Guest officer,You are optimistic!”Blacksmith trot over,Respectfully asked。
Chen Xiucai wants to ask the price of Xiaojian,I think this blacksmith is not an honest person,If you ask the price yourself, how can you cheat yourself?,Asked a big iron rod on this kind of shelf:“How to sell this stick?”