“White hair is very good。”

“You like it well,It seems that it doesn’t go back.。”
“That line……”Gao Bao struggled,I find myself still can’t move the body.。
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS1345chapter 灞水 河 边 英 英(superior)
Flourish,Spring and autumn,Warring States county,historical,Since ancient times“San Qin、Eight provinces”Claim,It is the only place where the Central Plains leads to the northwest.。
This is the same in which the dynasty is,It’s just that its name will occasionally.。
Huayin County City,Zhou Jun’s black banner,The city of Su Zi,Looking at the Qi Jun, who is densely marma,Can’t help but somewhere。
These two days,He will meet all kinds of people every day.,Colleague,subordinate,The messenger of the local family, etc.。It is a battle to fall,There is always a charter,Can’t be delayed。
To know,Qi Jun built Pu,Hard to swallow 20,000 soldiers,Shocking!no matter who,No matter what soldier,They have not courageous to go out with Qi Jun’s field.。
People who can surrender immediately,It is already a good morality。
People’s heart,So,There is not an embarrassment of this.。
Spring sunny,Not hot but a little dazzling。Si Su Tsui saw that there is a military commander in the city,Holding iron speaker,Lift the white flag,It seems like it is going to call。
“Put down the bow and arrow。”
Su Zhisheng said。City head this soldier horse,Can only bring psychological comfort,There will be no help on the dangerous situation.。
Listening to the opponent’s more important。
“Zhou Jun on the city listened,Yushen’s no,Provoke a gentleman。We Qi Jun is a teacher of benevolence,Civilized division,Mighty teacher,Disdtebled to Yu Wen’s kind of ghosts like assassination!
Opens City surrender,We only ask Yushen,Unknown,I can even keep your Ronghua rich。If someone does not know,Mound,So,This is the end。”
This Qi military soldier retired outside the city arrow range,Greet a bunch of people,Pore a seat on the ground“Hill”!
Used with marinated lime,One layer stacked,Proprietary noun is called“Jingguan”Hill!
Su Zecheng on the city,Looking at the coolness of the back,Arck stand on the wall,Many people’s legs are unconscious。They thought that“legend”is fake,did not expect……Gao Boyi actually made things so absolutely!
He is really dare.!
Use the Turkian people to do the Beijing,Norga in the slap slap slap。Gao Bi is probably like to use this to the wooden pole sweat.:Yu Wenzhao is dedicated to you,Laozi can not eat this set!
“These Turks,Be unreliable,Do not war!So my horses,Just give them!If you are involuntarily, I want to follow the Yu Wen’s road to black.,So……These people are your end。
You have three time to consider。”
The people who call the words will leave this sentence.,Top of the city,Zhou Jun’s deputy、Be equal,Take your eyes to Su Zi。
Opens City surrender,Isometrical to the hand of his own life to others。Do not open the city to surrender,It will become a member of the city outside the city.,No one wants to die so white!
“Allocate,The situation is indeed serious。Prefecture,I am afraid it is difficult to resist the pace of Qi Jun.。It is better to go to the county with me again.。”
Su Ziqi sighed,Anyway, there is no three times.,Discuss the result,It should be enough。
Zheng Minmin made a wheelchair for Gao Baoyi,And debugging。She let Gao Bi sitting on it,You are pushing him to travel.,No matter where,All the way。
Gao Baoyi’s physical strength has resumed,Although you can’t walk,Can’t get up,I can’t do any arms.,But everyday demand for eating and drinking is no obstacles.。
I can tell,He is restore physical strength at a little bit。