Tomatoes actually have these effects

Tomatoes actually have these effects

Presumably everyone knows what the picture above is!

That’s right, it is the famous tomato, the scientific name tomato, is a more popular vegetable and fruit.

Its sweet, sour and slightly cold nature.

In addition to everyone’s ability to contain a lot of vitamins for cosmetic purposes, it can also treat many diseases.

  (1) To prevent heatstroke, slice 1-2 tomatoes, add salt or sugar, and boil hot soup to prevent heatstroke.

  (2) To cure gum bleeding, wash tomatoes as fruits and eat them for half a month to cure gum bleeding.

  (3) Beauty, anti-aging Smash fresh and ripe tomatoes to get juice, add a little sugar, and use it every day to coat the skin, it can make the skin delicate and smooth, and the anti-aging effect is very good.

  (4) Anti-cancer tomato is not only nutrient-rich, but also has targeted heat-clearing and detoxification, and inhibits the effect. Consistently eating 1-2 fresh and ripe tomatoes every day can prevent cancer and help cure cancer.

  (5) To treat anemia, one tomato and one apple, 15 grams of sesame, eat once, and eat 1-2 times a day.

  (6) Treatment of skin diseases: Remove and peel fresh and ripe tomatoes and apply them to the affected area 2-3 times a day to treat skin diseases and infectious skin diseases.

  (7) For the treatment of hepatitis, take a spoonful of diced tomatoes, minced celery, carrots and pork, stir in boiling and then cook in the rice porridge, add salt, and consume the proper amount of MSG, which has an excellent effect on treating hepatitis.

  How to choose tomatoes: When buying tomatoes, you must first decide whether to eat them raw or cooked.

If you want to eat raw, of course, buy pink, because this kind of tomato has a light sour taste, and it is better to eat raw; if you want to cook it, you should buy a big red tomato.

  It is important to point out that you should not buy green tomatoes, as they are poorly nutritious and contain toxic toxins.