[Can garlic and honey be eaten together]_Garlic_Can be eaten together

[Can garlic and honey be eaten together]_Garlic_Can be eaten together

Garlic and honey seem to be incompatible.

We can often eat garlic in our daily life, use garlic as a flavoring agent, or supplement it after meals.

Garlic has many effects, can almost clear heat and detoxify, and can improve the body’s immunity, but after eating garlic, there will always be bad breath. At this time, eating honey can relieve it.

So, how should garlic and honey be eaten together?

Honey soaked in garlic: unblock the blood vessels, nourish the liver and protect the viscera, and it is perfect for spring.

Method: 1. Heat the garlic in the microwave for 1 to 2 minutes, or blanch with boiling water for about 5 minutes, and then soak with honey for about 1 week.

2. Before pouring into honey, you can add garlic to about 30% of salt water and soak and crush it. After removing it, drain it and put it in honey for better soaking.

3, this can not only remove the garlic smell, but also eliminate the astringent taste of garlic, it will taste better.

4. When eating, you can replace the honey with water and add it, or add an appropriate amount of lemon juice.

Principle Garlic is a spicy and irritating food, which will cause dry mouth after eating, and honey has the effects of strengthening the spleen, stomach, and nourishing yin. The minerals and sugars contained in it can be combined with the nutrients of garlic to strengthen the liverFunction, can also reduce the original strong garlic flavor.

Therefore, eating garlic soaked in honey can supplement the shortcomings of garlic, and also better protect the gastric mucosa.

Reminder: The best time to eat honey and garlic is after dinner, because the nutrients will be effectively absorbed during sleep, and it can reduce garlic’s irritation to the stomach.

Normal people can only eat 2 to 3 flaps a day, and people with poor stomachs can only eat about 1/2 flaps a day. Too much can easily cause stomach pain or diarrhea.