It seems,The first half of today’s meeting is actually a foreshadowing,It’s all deliberately arranged by Jiang Qizhi,The ultimate goal is to elicit these words from Chai’s Pictures。

“You Chai’s Pictures,Why is it suddenly so generous?”Lu Menglin was startled,As if asking casually。
When he asked this sentence,Chai Shao’s face suddenly changed slightly,He didn’t expect that a person surnamed Lu would ask such an inexperienced question。
This is really unreasonable!Is he a fool?A trace of contempt flashed quickly in Chai Shao’s eyes
meaning,But disappeared immediately,With a humble smile。
Jiang Qizhi on the side also shook his head.,He didn’t expect that Lu Menglin would ask such an unqualified question。
Why is Chai’s Pictures so generous,Actively send resources and money,The reason is too simple,Anyone with a little brain can think of it。
There are other tax evasion documents on the legendary game lander,Not to mention the spread of this terror,Just get the secret internal documents of the other party,It can explain the problem。
In this case,Chai’s Pictures won’t be able to accept it。Because who knows next time,What terrible things will hang in that location,So people have to make peace,Naturally it will pay the price。
obviously,The price paid by Chai’s Pictures is extremely significant,It’s also body-fitting,That Legendary Pictures can’t refuse,As long as Lu Menglin still wants to make that legendary movie on Hong Kong Island,Cooperation with Chai’s is the best choice。
This is why Jiang Qizhi knew someone would be upset,Also lead Chai Shao into this door,In business,This is due to his businessman personality。
“Mr. Lu,I think Chai has a certain degree of sincerity。For the development of the company’s business,So that everyone here can make a lot of money,I personally think we can talk about it。”Jiang Qizhi smiled。
Lu Menglin nodded,This slight movement caused Zhu Qiuhong’s heart to sink slightly,Suddenly there was a very bad feeling。
Of course, Zhu Qiuhong also knows about Chai’s joining,An unimaginable boost to the company’s business development,She has no reason to object,But there is still an indescribable intuition in my heart,Makes her extremely disturbed。
Below the conference table,Zhou Min gently stretched out his hand to hold Zhu Qiuhong’s cold wrist,Warm and support friends。
“it is good,Then talk about business first。Chai Gongzi,Can you Chai Films invite Zhou Xingchi to be the director??”Lu Menglin asked bluntly。
Chai Shao was slightly taken aback when asked this question,He is a little confused。