“Certainly not a coincidence!I never believe that there are‘coincidence’Two words!”Qiao Tianyu explained seriously。

“Logically,As a foreigner,KGB agents and the Arrow Sakura organization can’t even know this potion,It’s even impossible to use this potion at the same time!”
“So this shows that today’s KGB agents and‘Blue Fox Light’The people in the bar are likely,They are most likely not real KGB,It’s not an Arrow Sakura organization!”
“what?They are not KGB,Not the Arrow Sakura Organization?Then who are they?”Michelle can’t keep up with Qiao Tianyu’s thinking at all。
“They are Chinese!more specifically,At least they were sent by the Chinese people!Those two groups are actually one group!”Qiao Tianyu fired artillery again without shocking words。
“The person sent by the Chinese?Joe,Are you saying that Chinese people are also involved??And those two groups are still one group?how is this possible?”Michelle’s head shook like a rattle,Don’t believe in Qiao Tianyu“Nonsense”。
“Those KGB agents obviously called for support,And they did have a fight with the people in the bar,How could they be with the people in the bar??I do not believe!I don’t believe it!”
“Hahaha,The truth is that,Can’t tolerate your disbelief!”Qiao Tianyu explained with a smile。
“Michelle,If you still don’t believe it,You can take out your phone and have a look,To whom did you send the help message to the KGB yesterday??”
“cut,Of course it was sent to the KGB contact person,I am so grown up,Isn’t even a text message right??Really!”Michelle took out her phone very unconvinced,Open the SMS box and show it to Qiao Tianyu。
“Joe,Open your big eyes and take a good look,I did send this message to a KGB contact!”
First0406chapter Dress up ceremony
Qiao Tianyu turned and glanced at Michelle’s phone,The recipient of the request for help is indeed“Emergency contact person of the KGB branch in the British Virgin Islands”undoubtedly。
But Qiao Tianyu smiled and shook his head,“Then look at the number of the KGB fund contact person in the British Virgin Islands, right??”
“number?”Michelle took the phone in surprise,Called that person from the address book“Emergency contact person of the KGB branch in the British Virgin Islands”Glanced at his phone number,Can’t help being shocked,“I rub,what happened?”