He paddled desperately to swim towards Wang Zilin,A turbulent flow hits again,He was taken out of the water。

“That kid is not dead yet!”
Zhang Shuping at the beach saw Chen Xiu rise to the surface and dive again,Hurriedly shouted:“Bazooka!”
He just installed the grenade,Suddenly the sky keeps roaring,I saw a helicopter flying over the coconut grove,Several gunmen on the plane stick out,The submachine gun in his hand spits wildly,Hurt several people around him all at once。
Zhang Shuping can no longer care about Chen Xiu in the sea,Bazooka aimed at a helicopter,Cannonball“Whoosh”Fly out,Hit a helicopter directly is“boom”It exploded。
The other two helicopters saw that each other had anti-air weapons,Quickly raise the height。
“Retreat to the coconut grove!”
Zhang Shuping led his men and horses towards the coconut grove,At the same time pulling the walkie-talkie and yelling at the assistant:“waste,I didn’t let you stop the Dragon King’s horse for ten minutes,Why did their helicopter come so quickly!”
The assistant also yelled innocently:“Manager,We have now sacrificed five brothers,Stop Dragon King’s convoy on the road,We really can’t stop the helicopter!”
Zhang Shuping also knows that people who want to run on the ground have to stop the plane in the sky, but it is beyond the range of ability.,Had to shout:“Implement immediately2plan,Whole group retreat!”
When He Shouheng and Ou Sheng took the people to Qingluowan Beach,Zhang Shuping already took people away,I saw Chen Xiu diving into the sea tirelessly,It even called Wang Zilin’s name hoarsely。
Six hours later,The red sun on the horizon rises from the sea。
More than a dozen salvage boats floating in the waters of Qingluo Bay,Hundreds of water ghosts are diving、Float up,Dive again。