Hot Yoga burns healthy skin

Hot Yoga “burns” healthy skin

BikramYoga for hot yoga is the new darling of the current fitness industry. The biggest feature is to simulate the high temperature practice climate in India. The yoga classroom is set in a room with a constant temperature of 38 to 42 degrees Celsius for yoga practice.Sweat and detox function.
Each class combines the 26 individual forms of the original Hatha Yoga to help improve the flexibility of the body, strengthen the muscles and various joints and ligaments, and ultimately achieve relaxation of body and mind.
  I am also a yoga master Maybe some people think that yoga is the exclusive sport of women, but the inspiring fact is that men can more easily complete and reach the essence of yoga. In the history of yoga masters throughout the world, how many are not us men?
Strong muscle strength is our innate advantage. The only weak point of life is the relative stiffness of the limbs.
Hot yoga perfectly makes up for this shortcoming. Room temperature above body temperature accelerates blood circulation and softens muscles and bones that are stiff due to lack of exercise. In this way, the original hard body can also easily perform different stretching exercises.Not easily injured.
Therefore, hot yoga can be called a man’s bounty, which can help us quickly become a yoga master.
  Come to a hot party Just try hot yoga once and you will love it.
When we withstand the test of high temperature, our body begins to gradually accept this signal, and this high temperature fumigation can open all the bones and organs, making us more flexible and calm than usual.
This change has never been felt in my life.
After the pain disappeared with our patience, a lot of toxins were discharged from the body with sweat. It was like having a pleasant conversation with our flesh and skin. Those ligaments and bones that have been following us for many years but are still unfamiliar are quietly heated by yogaAwakening, at this time, you can probably only use the word refreshing.
I believe that every man who is willing to challenge himself will fall in love with this party about perseverance and perseverance.
  The benefits that hot yoga can bring to us are not limited to this. Through exercise and ambient temperature, the body has experienced unprecedented sweating. A large amount of concentrated perspiration will help the skin’s pores to open, and some old horny keratin deposited on the skin surface.The toxins from the body will be discharged with the sweat glands, and the fat accumulated in the body will be burned, and the hot yoga posture will also shape and train the muscles to metabolize fat, thereby reducing the volume of the fat wall.
The beer belly that has long plagued us will also be effectively controlled.
  好皮肤是这样炼成的   一场热瑜伽之后,肌肤细胞活跃性达到顶峰,此时如果能做一套Spa水疗和面部及眼部护理,就可以达到加乘的作用,远胜于常温下的skin care.
Through the combination of hot yoga and professional skin care for a long time, the skin can maintain a healthy state of firmness and suppleness for a long time.
  The choice of skin care products after hot yoga mainly focuses on examining its stimulation mechanism for the cells. As long as the skin cells run on a good circulation track, whether it is dry oil inside, clogged pores, or dull skin, these problems will be resolved.
The skin cell’s metabolism is perfect, so that it has appetite to take in supplemented nutrients and water, and its ability to resist the external environment is also improved, which is also good to deal with the long-term winter consumption and damage to the skin.