Those quiet romances

Those quiet romances

On that day, it was rumored that there would be a slight earthquake in the small town at noon.

No one believes, no one panics.

They think, how is this possible? We have never had an earthquake here for hundreds of years.

  The man heard the news in the morning. He smiled and continued to do his own thing.

He has been busy until 5 pm, even if he is lunch, he will simply deal with it in the office.

The woman “three shifts” in the factory, at noon, she just got off work and returned home soon.

  At noon that day, the man suddenly wanted to go home and see.

One and a half hours of rest, taxis run back and forth, men can stay at home for half an hour.

The man thought, half an hour, it’s worth it.

  He gently opened the security door and made almost no sound.

He pushed open the door of the bedroom and glanced at the warm, familiar flowers.

He didn’t walk in, but the woman standing in the door quietly looking at the bed.

The woman slept on her side, embraced the pillow, and picked up her body like a cat.

She is too tired, from two in the morning to ten in the morning, for a full second of hours, the woman has to stand in front of the machine.

The gray work cap at the bed was stained with oil.

  The man stared at the woman for half a minute.

His mouth was slightly upturned and his eyes were full of love and pity.

He gently took the door to the bedroom and retreated to the living room.

He sat on a wooden chair and quietly picked up a cigarette.

The smog was lingering, and the man’s well-defined face suddenly became amazing.

  The man stayed in the living room for half an hour.

He annihilated the third cigarette butt, then stood up and pushed the bedroom door open again.

The woman is still asleep and still maintains her original position.

In her sleep, her face blooms like a peach.

Men also laughed, satisfied and happy.

He covered the door, crept to the door, changed shoes, opened the door, closed the door, went downstairs, and waved a taxi. Even if no one noticed, the man was still a gentleman.

His movements are very light and soft, and he can’t even catch a butterfly.

  At dusk, the woman said to the man in the kitchen, I heard that there was an earthquake during the day.

Does the man say you believe?

The woman said that of course I don’t believe it, I slept well.

The man smiled again and put the chopped green onion into the pan, and the aroma immediately dispersed.

  Maybe a woman will never know that in her sweet sleep, the man once sneaked back and then quietly accompanied her for half an hour.

  The earthquake is just a rumor, just a rumor.

Men are not afraid, women are not afraid.

Even if a man does not come back, the woman in her sleep will not wake up.

But the man still came home, watching the woman in his sleep, accompanying the woman in his sleep.

He is worried that the woman will be uneasy, even if it is uneasy, and then short, he will come back.

Why not?In fact, a lot of romance in life is like this, no sound.