[Effect and function of Moonstone]_Benefit_Setting

[Effect and function of Moonstone]_Benefit_Setting

Moonstone is a gem of extraordinary value. In many movies, the rings and necklaces often worn by princesses are replaced by moonstone. It was a noble sign in ancient times.

Moonstone is a gem that not only emits special light and is particularly eye-catching, but the placement of moonstone can also improve a person’s personality, resulting in a particularly soft mood, and it is necessary to reduce the quarrel between husband and wife.

The effect of moonstone1. Moonstone has a strong effect of stabilizing emotions. It can smooth the intense side of the aligner and stabilize the emotions that cause the excitement.

Let the restorer realize the peaceful and rational attitude, so when you are impulsive or feel irritable, you may wish to lighten your emotions each month.

2. As for women, Moonstone also mediates hormones in women’s bodies, can affect women’s physiological cycle, balance women’s endocrine, and is beneficial to pregnant women and lactating women, so it is suitable for pregnant expectant mothersThey are outstanding.

3. Moonstone also has the effect of treating emotional pain, but compared with the powder crystal introduced in the previous period, its more effective will be to calm the mind, let the cause accept the facts, and maintain a balance of mind.

It will not have a happy effect, so it is slightly inferior to Pink Crystal in the treatment of emotional injuries, so more often I would recommend replacing Moonstone to maintain a stable state of mind, rather than treating emotional injuries.

4. However, among the many crystals, moonstone can promote the harmony between husband and wife, and can also ease the quarrel between husband and wife, so it is very suitable for people with a partner to replace.

If you and your other half are prone to quarrel, don’t hinder the placement of moonstone, or put moonstone in the middle of your pillow, it will bring you unexpected results!

Method 1 of using moonstone. When someone is over-concentrated, there is a phenomenon of sharp corners, too much attention to details, while ignoring the actual situation, and there is a disconnection, it is recommended to use moonstone to rub the top wheel, temple, and the entire head.

2. Meditation or thinking by bringing the moonstone close to the third eye year can promote the clarity and awareness of the brain, help the sixth sense to be active, astrology, fortune tellers, fortune tellers, feng shui teachers, psychics, etc.There are gems needed.

3, if a female friend’s personality is too outspoken, words, behaviors, manners are often too abrupt, not suitable for the occasion, atmosphere, it is recommended to wear moonstone jewelry, improve the temperament from the inside out, to bring calm manners, and elegantattitude.

4, soft moonstone, exuding a romantic atmosphere, is the best lovers of lovers, exchange tokens.

5, put the moonstone under the top of the head, can help people fall asleep safely, sleep well every night, get a full rest.

6. According to legend, if couples are closed, have quarrels, or when the war is granted, as long as the moonstones of the two sides can meet again and each other’s energy blends again, they can be reconciled as before.

7. Hang the moonstone to the part of the heart chakra to meditate and meditate, which corresponds to the starlight body, which helps the soul to come out of body.

8. If you do n’t have a partner, you can try to bring moonstone to the moon to absorb the energy of the moon and do meditation for love on the full moon night. If you often wear it in the future, you will have the opportunity to attractThe right partner.

9, the legend in Western mysticism, soak moonlight stones in water, and receive the moon’s illumination, and then enter this water the next day, you can get the wisdom of the moon, use this water to wash your face, take a bath, you can get the beauty of the moon.

10. Moonstone is not large and is often made into exquisite jewellery. It is recommended that friends who are strong, irritable, impulsive, and do things like desperate Saburo should wear it to reconcile their personality.