This yin and yang school says it’s not big,Not small,There are so many warriors in the concentrating state,If it is placed in the world,It can be said to be the kind of superpower,But if it is placed outside the sky,It’s really nothing!

Xia Chenglong looked at the two people’s mouths slightly raised,A cold smile:“Remember the words in the next life,Must vote for a good person,Because the bad guys really don’t live long!”
Xia Chenglong popped two white balls from his fingers,Those two white balls directly penetrate the hearts of two people,Burst in the heart of two people,At this time, Kuang San and Zhang Yu burst into a cloud of blood at the same time。
And Lin Yu who was knocked down on the ground,He looked at Xia Chenglong with horror,He knew Xia Chenglong was very strong,But he never expected Xia Chenglong to be so strong。
There was a bitter smile at the corner of his mouth at this time,Lin Yu at this moment was thinking:“I’m afraid if he didn’t want to come,I won’t even invite him,This man is really scary,Terrifying!”
Xia Chenglong fell to the ground,But when he just landed,I feel like being hugged by someone behind my back,He can clearly feel it at this time,Holding yourself behind is a woman。
Xia Chenglong forcibly opened the arms of the woman,Turned his head,Looking at the woman with cold eyes,This woman is not someone else,It is Murong Ningbing。
Murong Ningbing,A very complex emotion was revealed in Xia Chenglong’s eyes,That is the shyness and enthusiasm of a girl when she looks at her lover。
Xia Chenglong looked at Murong Ningbing with a cold expression,And said coldly:“What’s matter?”
Regarding the complete shattering of the Sky Profound Sword,Obviously Xia Chenglong’s heart is very unhappy,So he is in a bad mood at this time,Very bad,Very bad。
But Murong Ningbing,I don’t seem to care about all this,Still smiling sweetly at Xia Chenglong:“Thank you for saving me just now,If it’s not you,I’m afraid I was just given to by those two beasts…”
After all, she’s still a big girl,Those shy words,After all, I still can’t tell。
Xia Chenglong looked at Murong Ningbing so sunny,The piece of ice in my heart seems to be shot into a ray of warm sun。
The first thousand and forty-two chapters Go to the law enforcement hall
Xia Chenglong at this time also smiled at Murong Ningbing:“you are welcome,See the road,Help,This itself is,A matter of course,Why are you so polite。”
And this time,Lin Yu also stepped forward,Take a look at Xia Chenglong,I saw Murong Ningbing next to Xia Chenglong again,At this moment, she suddenly felt that Murong Ningbing was shocked,Suddenly he couldn’t even speak up。
“summer,Brother Xia,It’s time for the two of us to go!”
“go?Where are you going?”Murong Ningbing smiled sweetly,Then turned his head and asked Lin Yu,Lin Yu’s face turned red all at once。