Actually this is easy to understand,Professional killer after all,After shooting with a sniper rifle, they will choose to evacuate regardless of whether they hit the target or not.。

so,Now that there is no sniper in this place, it is actually within an acceptable range。
But now Qin Feng is even more worried。Because the other party is so professional,That’s a tricky character。In case the sniper is sniping ahead again,Then they are in danger?
Qin Feng originally thought that Chateauroux would be panicked when he was found in the nest suddenly.,I didn’t expect the other party to have such a back-hand。
Only one member who can fight Sakamoto and a sniper prove that none of the Seven Saints is simple。
Maybe it’s all just circles,An ambush to attract the other three members。
After all, in Qin Feng’s opinion,Now Sakamoto brings more deaths among members than those in Chateauroux.。
Through the back door is the block。
Because there are manors around here,So there is not much traffic in the neighborhood。After all, there are rich people living around,Basically use vehicles。
And the street at the back door leads to the hill behind,Just go forward,That is equivalent to entering the forest。
so,Usually they will move around at the front door,I don’t know how to go back to the street。
of course,What happens once,Running up the mountain is actually the best way。Because it is definitely more beneficial for people familiar with the environment to escape inside the forest。And after climbing over a hill, you enter the field of the mountain village。
Qin Feng chased it all the way,Then I saw the melee。
Although I only met Sakamoto’s people,But Qin Feng can also recognize,the most important is,Now these people brought by Sakamoto are in crisis,Because they are surrounded,And are desperately attacking those who besie them。
“How could this be?Is actually a trap?”
“impossible,Your Excellency Cen Wen said that this plan is foolproof!”
“Ugh,Just hope for support!”
“If we want to escape this time,Must no longer participate in this kind of thing。”
All the members of the three-member group have trouble telling,Just thinking if I can go out this time,Will not participate in the struggle of this kind of faction in the future。