After Xia Jian,Then he leaned on the sofa and let out a long breath。He has to form a new investment plan immediately,Make a noise。But it depends on what Hu Huiru means,If she doesn’t fight Xia Jian for the right to develop the southern county,,Didn’t Xia Jian pick up a rock and hit him in the foot?。

The two people were talking about the development of Qingshan County all afternoon,This time flies really fast,Unknowingly, it was past six o’clock in the afternoon。When Wang Yihua’s secretary came in to say hello to her after get off work。Wang Yihua made a face at Xia Jian and said:“Let’s go too!Nanny,I’m going to cook myself”
“Or let’s just eat something outside,Trouble doing it yourself”Xia Jian smiled and said、
Wang Yihua shook her head and said:“Bad food outside,I’ll make you my best”She said,He pulled up the bag on the table,Motion to Xia Jian to go with her。
Actually when they two came out,All the employees are gone。Downstairs,Xia Jiancai feels that there is still a gap in the climate of the peaceful city of Qingshan County。Early spring evening,With a trace of chill,Xia Jian couldn’t help but shudder。
Wang Yihua opened the car door and said:“Hurry up!Our side is a few degrees lower than the average city,You didn’t see that the leaves of the willows here are not as long as yours”
“Also,After you said so,I really saw it。Ten different days,Maybe it’s because Qingshan County is too close to the mountains.!”Xia Jian and Wang Yihua were talking and laughing,So we went back to Wang Yihua’s villa together。
Xia Jian has been here several times,But every time,He feels different every time。The first is the surrounding environment,Really comfortable。The special humanization of this house,Xia Jian even fantasizes,If I am really rich,He wants to buy such a villa。
As soon as the car enters the yard,Wang Zhanhua locked the big iron gate from inside,Then pulled Xia Jian into her living room。at the door,Xia Jian put on slippers。
He can’t bear to put his dirty feet on the clean carpet。If the big living room,Still clean and beautiful,It makes people feel comfortable watching。
Wang Yihua glanced at Xia Jian and said:“How about you go take a shower first,Put on pajamas,Just relax,I’m going to cook now,Someone gave me a good bottle of wine,We’ll get rid of it later”Wang Yihua finished,Put on an apron and went to the kitchen。
Xia Jian also thought,Why not take a bath,Make yourself comfortable?Thought of here,He went to the bathroom。This rich man’s bathroom,It’s really different。Yao Junli’s bathroom fascinated Xia Jian,This Wang Yihua’s family is not bad。
He put a pool of hot water first,I adjusted the water temperature and jumped in。My boy,No wonder people are desperate to make money,It turns out that the enjoyment that this money brings to people is extraordinary。
Xia Jian lying in the bath,Slowly fell asleep,Are all the reasons for being so comfortable。Wang Yihua who made the meal saw that Xia Jian did not move,Then gently pushed open the bathroom door,I saw Xia Jian fell asleep in the bath,She couldn’t help but smile secretly,Walked over,Nudged him twice。
Xia Jianyi opened his eyes,Found that Wang Yihua was sitting by the bathtub smiling at him。He smiled embarrassedly and said:“It’s so comfortable,Fell asleep as soon as I entered”
“The water is cold,Come out and wash,Let’s eat!”Wang Yihua glanced at Xia Jian naked,Can’t help but smile,When I was about to turn around and leave。
Xia Jian reached out and pulled her over,Not waiting for her to speak,Wang Yihua was wearing clothes and was held down by Xia Jian in the bath。Woman shocked:“my clothes!”
Xia Jian at this time,Say nothing,Take off Wang Yihua’s clothes one by one in the bath,Then it splashed with a burst of water,Two people hug each other。Suddenly,The bathroom rang*sound。
When they come out after their affection,,The food on the table is already cold。Wang Yihua went to heat it up again,Only then opened a bottle of Moutai on the table,The two drank happily。
Beautiful Wine,Life is nothing more than this。Xia Jian holding a wine glass,Smiled and said to Wang Yihua:“If my life is like this every day,My whole life is enough”