ed ah Luoxue!

  Luoxue her immediate senior sister apprentice, before two people is a community, but also worked, thanks a lot when I felt Luoxue paintings particularly stunning, so one to two to go, when the painting could not help but want to imitate her a bit, just change overnight after the idea still own a lot of hard training Zhang painting, so she is particularly familiar with the style of Luoxue.
  It turned out that she wants to be friends苏州夜网 care deeply trapped teacher, the woman is Luoxue.
  This strong sense of loss swarmed the heart, so she could not help but think of it before she also like to Luoxue.
  In fact, the very beginning, she did not hate Luoxue, but feel Luoxue nice and generous, a special ability.Two people in a community inside when Luoxue of people are very friendly and gentle, inside the school as a whole goddess, like a light, like the present, so she could not help but close.She had no friends, so we wanted to and Luo Xuecheng as a friend, but knowing the harm that she is Luoxue bad guy, she disappointed for a long time.
  But I never imagined that this time she stuck to attract teachers, teacher sleepy and wanted to become friends, actually it was the result of the other Luoxue!She ORZ why so difficult to make friends!
  Xie hearts of a lot o深圳桑拿网f flavors Chen is simply that when the meeting could not help frequently lost in thought against Luoxue.
  Luoxue aware of the girl that complex line of sight, will know now thank a lot of heart activity now must be very rich, but now want to cooperate, she also does not mind these, for which the original care of the household, if not the desire or the original owners they themselves seek death, she will not take the initiative t深圳桑拿网o shot.
  And the heroine of this world, looking good stupid ah.What shot, too plunges Liao =.=
  Instead, shut March Xie noticed a lot of small apple child’s eyes look wrong, Xie said he heard a lot of assistants enjoyed Luoxue, but.As so warm and looked at what small apple child!
  March off quietly side of the child sideways, blocking the line of sight lot Xie.
  This time the mee