en are arrived pier, behind the palace of the people together and to catch up, with a token king, the king heard their words are things, willing to help hand.北京风月网Revised national companies have no heir is naturally pleased not from everyone on the boat.

  They came quickly, the city magistrate Hu Caught off guard by the early Shihai think of delay, sent secretly to the cottage in the message delivery.Qi palace and other people followed pressure, dragged not live苏州夜网, can only send pawns in the county led to the ‘Gang Green Village’ location comes together.
  Hu was originally the city magistrate had known the existence of ‘Green Gang Village’, the first time also sent troops to wipe out the bandits, but the mountain bandit gang is very cunning, relied on familiar terrain, often a dozen before fleeing into the nearby mountains it is difficult to settle the clean, not too much time will resurgence.
  Often more than one, the city magistrate Hu looked supplies and military equipment every time because the bandits and was allocated under, and had crooked mind.Every seemingly bandits, but do not make every effort, often keep a few fish caught.So every time mountain bandits to cross the court, I knew you could fall over fiscal.Above him And pass the seven princes, the court more than a preferential treatme北京夜网nt, it became the norm.
  Later bandit chieftain Zhang Tianhu aware of what actually befriend offer gold and silver, as well as Jiao Tong beauty for fun, and slowly bought Hu city magistrate, give shelter.
  In this initial gains, Zhang Tianhu also smarter, by his trick bribery, have named prefect of the right opportunities have opened up, since it is lawlessness.
  Hu is now a city magistrate cold sweat fly, was secretly praying Zhang Tianhu get the message to avoid, do not expose the couple’s dealings.He did not know, not to mention he secretly colluded bandit bandits true, that there is no such thing, the king will be made by him under the rule of reason gone wrong he would pull do