Beijing emergency pioneer annual example

Original title: "Emergency Pioneer" annual example commented on this newspaper (Reporter Ren Shan) Yesterday, in 2021 Beijing Emergency Pioneer Operation Character Awards Ceremony, this year’s theme publicity activities from emergency rescue, safe production, disaster prevention and mitigation, etc. It is a collective and individual for the development of emergency rescue business development, safety production cause reform and development and disaster prevention and mitigation. Among the examples and advanced collective representatives, they have stressed in the forest fire rescue first line, and Li Wei, a captain of the Pinggu District Emergency Administration of Various Forest Fire, Li Wei, the leader of the Pinggu District Emergency Management Bureau of the Various Forest Fire; Department of respiratory and critical illness medicine practitioners in Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, the end of the internal medicine; there is also a high pressure of the Beijing Municipal Lighting Management Center for the safe operation of the lighting system, the safe operation of the lighting system. Waitan, etc.

  The event was jointly hosted by the Beijing Emergency Emergency Committee Office, Beijing Emergency Administration, Capital Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee, and the Communist Youth League Beijing Municipal Committee, according to the first trial, expert review, online voting, and organizing committee finalized Green Boat Emergency Rescue Promotion Center Wang Xudong and other 100 "emergency pioneers, Beijing Osse", Tongzhou District Emergency Management Bureau Yang Mei Shu, etc., Pinggu District Emergency Administration Forest Fire Comprehensive Rescue Brigade Li Wei and other 15 years List of people; 20 "emergency pioneers" collective and other 20 "emergency pioneers" and other 20 "Beijing Urban Construction Group Rescue Brigade; Beijing Public Group Warranty Branch Four Factory Triaces 79 "Young Safety Production Demonstrations" such as a group. (Editor: Li Bo, Bao Congying) Share more people to see.