2021 "Huang Yanpi Cup" National University Fortune Management (Investment Finance) Knowledge Skills Competition Awards Ceremony was successfully held

[Font:] Director of the Organizing Committee of the National Competition, the secretary of the Party Group, the Director-General, a member of the Party Group of the Chinese Tourism, and Li Yingai, deputy Director Li Yingai, announced the list of outstanding guidance teachers in Beijing, December 8, 2021 "Huang Yanpei Cup" national student wealth Management (Investment Finance) Knowledge Skills Competition Awards Ceremony Successfully held in Beijing-Hangzhou synchronous, online and online linkage.

Director of the National Competition Organizing Committee, the Party Secretary of the Chinese Vocational Education Society, the Director-General, delivered a speech, member of the Chinese Vocational Education Society Party Group, deputy Director-General Li Yingdai announced the list of excellent instructor.

Deputy Director of the Ministry of Decisions of the Ministry of Commission, the Deputy Director of the Provincial Vocational Education Society, Wang Liyue, deputy director of the Competition Organizing Committee, Zhejiang Financial Vocational College, deputy director of the Provincial Vocational Education Co., Ltd. Zheng Yuli, China Securities Regulatory Commission Investment Huang Ming, deputy director of the Protected Bureau, Queen Junjun, and Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education, China People’s Bank of China, Hangzhou Central Branch, China Securities Industry Association, China Galaxy Securities Executive Committee, Qiantang River Finance Research Institute, Zhejiang Financial Education Fund Meeting, Zhejiang China Vocational Education Society, Zhejiang Financial Vocational College related responsible comrades and representatives from national entrance colleges, teachers and student representatives participated in the ceremony.

Nearly 30,000 people watch live online through the online platform. Fang Naili, representing the Chinese Vocational Education Society to participate in this "Huang Yanpi Cup" competition. Students who have achieved excellent results, guiding teachers and colleges, express congratulations, to organize, sponsored, co-organized, support contest, enterprises, colleges I sincerely thank.

He pointed out that hopes that the society, school, government, line, and enterprises will further cooperate, facing future talents. To continue with the contest, we will take advantage of high-quality technical skills for talents, and give full play to the competition, to promote the role of the competition. The post-class test fusion "new model, realize the interactive development of the relevant standards and professional curriculum standards in the skills competition," focusing on training model, composite, innovative high-quality financial talents, continuously enhancing the level of technical skills training, for promoting The high quality development of modern vocational education makes new and greater contributions. This competition was held from the preparation to the competition for ten months, and it took a full-line competition to have a strong support of education and industry. 112 undergraduate colleges and 165 vocational colleges from 29 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government), attracted 11 countries to participate in the participation, more than 15,000 participating students, involving more than 100 professional. In the end, 20 stock simulation trading individuals were produced, 30 second prizes, 100 third prizes, 23 divided towns and international students’ victory winning prizes. The first prize of the APP financial knowledge contest, 10 second prizes, 30 third prizes. The Securities Simulation Trading Team Hadow has 10 teams, the second prize 15 team, the third prize 25 team. Financial Planning Team, 5 teams, the second prize team, the third prize 15 team. The insurance business team is a 5th team, the second prize team, the third prize 15 team.

Quantitative Trading Team Personal First Prize 10 Team and the Second Prize of 10 Team. According to the incentive approach, 48 "excellent guidance teachers" were selected, and 22 colleges were awarded the "Excellent Organization Award" and issued 9 "Special Contribution Award".