Seeing Ding Haijun had the urge to twitch his mouth,How can Chen Geng continue to tease like this??Busy saying:“just kidding,just kidding……No more circles……”

Ding Haijun’s ears stood up immediately,The brain is running at full speed,So that I can remember every word Chen Geng said next。
Chen Geng didn’t go around:“In fact, these two projects are projects that our company is currently doing,The first project is our company’s car dismantling project,The labor cost in the US is too high,I am going to put part of the car scrapping business in China。”
Ding Haijun reacted immediately,This is indeed a complementary and good project!
Ding Haijun knew that Chen Geng’s Fernandez company had a car scrapping business,Although he doesn’t know what the business is like,But he still knows that labor costs in the United States are expensive,But for such a project can make millions of dollars a year,Comrade Ding still has doubts。
“Fernandez now surpasses the United States50Scrap car dismantling companies have a cooperative relationship,And this number is still increasing rapidly,Our goal is to expand the number of cooperative units to200Above home,”Chen Geng hesitated,Still revealed a little bit of information:“According to our calculation,Every scrapped car dismantling company needs one30Human dismantling team to operate,Even if we will100The work of the company is carried out in China,Also need a total number of3000Human dismantling team,May actually need4000And more workers。”
Ding Haijun believes Chen Geng a little now,Although he still doesn’t know how Chen Geng intends to operate this,But as long as Chen Gengken uses US dollars to pay the wages of these domestic dismantling workers,The annual salary alone is a large amount of foreign exchange income, right??I just don’t know how much he is willing to give?In addition, how does he plan to cooperate and put a question mark。
Chen Geng continued:“In terms of specific cooperation methods,Our initial plan is‘Commissioned dismantling’,Is after we ship a batch of goods to a domestic cooperative unit,Domestic cooperation units in accordance with our requirements、Disassemble the cars in the agreed manner。
It should be noted,These scraps sent to China for dismantling、Second hand car,It’s definitely not a matter of dismantling it casually,Our purpose of dismantling these cars,Is to recycle those parts that can still be used normally,And sort out the parts that can still be used normally、Store well,This job is troublesome,The dismantling workers are not only required to be careful enough,Must have a certain knowledge of vehicle maintenance……”
Ding Haijun waved his hand eagerly:“Not afraid of trouble,As long as you have dollars,Who is troublesome?The key is how to calculate this dismantling fee?”
Chen Geng:“Two ways,How much do we pay for each dismantling of a car——According to different disassembly difficulty and workload,We will give different price standards,Roughly dismantling a car is between tens of dollars to more than 100 dollars——The other is that we directly contract the management rights of these domestic dismantling companies,Direct management of these companies,Payment of wages to workers in U.S. dollars。”
Ding Haijun asked immediately:“If it is a contract,How much do you plan to pay each worker?”
“Monthly salary60USD to80Between dollars,Specific needs to be calculated carefully。”When I said this,Chen Geng feels so evil:In the U.S,The minimum monthly salary of a car dismantling worker is not lower than1500USD,When it comes to China, it becomes fifty or sixty dollars,Even if you include the cost of transportation、Management costs and various other costs,It’s much cheaper than dismantling in the U.S.。
Dante Haijun doesn’t count that,He immediately started to calculate:Just by monthly salary60Dollar count,One worker is720USD,3000A worker is216Ten thousand U.S. dollars!
This is still the most conservative number,According to the situation in Chen Geng’s words,If you take the largest4000Workers and80USD monthly salary,That is every year320Ten thousand U.S. dollars,If we can persuade Chen Geng to hand over the future sea transportation to the domestic shipping company……
It’s not much difference without ten million dollars a year!