Only Huazi、Bless others,For what director、Big stars are not in awe,I didn’t ask them for anything anyway,There is no intersection,There is no need to treat them respectfully。

The most casual,It’s Huazai。He followed Brother Hu,What big people haven’t seen?
Chapter One Hundred Sixty Three Xu Hong’s promise(Add more)
Walked a few stalls,I didn’t see the purple sandware Wang Kuan needed,Wang Kuan is a little helpless,The other party’s hobby seems to be purple sand,otherwise,Just make one,So troublesome?
“There is a store in front,Do you want to go in and have a look?”Hua Zi asked。
I saw the name of the store has the word Zisha,maybe,It’s a shop specializing in purple sandware。
but,if that’s the case,It won’t be cheap?
Wang Kuan doesn’t care so much,I haven’t thought about any mistakes。come here,Just to shop for a genuine product,Not too expensive,One hundred and hundreds of thousands will do。
After seeing that store,Wang Kuan nodded immediately:“Go see。”
Hu Yang helped him,Not afraid of buying fakes this time,It doesn’t matter if you give more money,Hope things can be resolved soon。He invests,Are all about speed。If the script has to be reviewed for half a year or something,The day lilies are cold。
Populus followed,Anyway, he just helped to take a look。
really,There are many kinds of purple sandware in the shop,Among them, the most purple clay pots。After all, purple sand is made into a teapot,Is the hottest。From ancient to present,It’s all like this。
The store is a middle-aged person,Smoking a cigarette,Beard Raga,Looks very decadent。
“Bosses,Casual look,No bargaining。”He spit out a cigarette and said。
Cheng Jia glanced quietly,One of the purple clay pots is priced at 880,000 yuan,So scared that she didn’t dare to move。If this falls again,I’m afraid I have to sell myself。
“Brother,How about this one?”Wang Kuan pointed to a piece of more than six hundred thousand,Asked。
before this,Li Sihai told him,It’s about five or six hundred thousand dollars,Someone bribed before.bribe,Are almost at this price。