This remark,The crowd roared,Uplifted,The big rock on my chest was finally emptied。

The wooden knife is amazed,He can’t believe it,This kid can even turn the moon spider over there,This is too powerful!
But think carefully,If not for those moon spiders,How can I trap those people like Zhongye?。
The wooden knife is very clear,Zhong Yeo’s team,It is already the strongest among the many gangs in Bairimen,That’s why Zhong Yeo was so unscrupulous,Because in Chiyue Canyon,They are almost the most powerful。
“You took those spiders away?”The wooden knife is still unbelievable,Can’t help but ask in a deep voice。
But Lu Menglin shook his head,Smiled:“of course not!I just took away part of it,How could it be possible to draw all the spiders over。”
The voice has not fallen,The front of this remnant team,There was a commotion。
It turned out that a Sirius spider appeared in front。
The wooden knife gave an order,Everyone shot,Blasted the hapless Sirius spider。
The spider in this gorge was not led away by him!A spider appeared ahead,The wooden knife finally breathed a sigh of relief,If Lu has the ability to lead away all the spiders in the canyon,It shows that his strength is hidden too deeply,Unfathomable deep,Of course the wooden knife is on the pressure hill。
But now it seems,Maybe there were fewer spiders on the road before,There are other reasons,Or simply because of luck!
After observing the color of the rock wall next to him with the wooden knife,Sink
Soundtrack:“We are almost approaching the entrance of the next floor。Here is the place of choice,It’s only more dangerous than Chiyue Canyon。”