“After all,Too dangerous。”

Monkey King said calmly,He just likes to brag,Not without self-knowledge,And Sedum’s eldest brother, General Feipeng, is unfathomable,Beyond his ability。
“indeed,This time the task is not easy to solve,Since it has the ability to destroy a thousand worlds,At least they are Tier 4 or even Tier 5 powerhouses,It may also be a Tier 6 powerhouse,The third order can be solved。”
Nezha said calmly,Just joking is just to relieve the pressure on Monkey King,Just enough,It’s time to discuss how to solve this task.。
“Don’t counsel the Monkey King group members,The leader of the group just now wakes up,Presumably the host will also watch you live,If it is dangerous,You can turn to the host for help。”
“after all,No matter how strong the enemy is this time,It will definitely not be the opponent of the group leader,So the Monkey King group members can rest assured。”
Jingtian said with a smile,There is a group leader,He doesn’t believe in existence and dare to be presumptuous?I feel that my life is too comfortable,I still think the host will be soft-hearted?
“Is the host awake??This is good news,Unfortunately,If you have to save the host every time,What’s the meaning of improving my strength?”
“and,I can’t count on the group leader every time,I always need to wait for me to figure out a solution for everything,Rely on others blindly,Can’t really become a strong。”
Sun Wukong solemnly said,There is a group leader,His heart is safe,just,After all, the lord of the group is the supreme and terrifying original evil god,If you come to a 4th and 5th tier casually, you need the master of the group to personally take action,Then Monkey King feels that these members of the group can live and die by themselves。
“Since the Monkey King group members insist on doing this,Then I can only turn to those big group members。”
“but,While there is still time,I have something to ask,I don’t know how Sun Wukong’s group is going to treat the lord of Zhutian City?And Dugu defeat?”
Sedum asked curiously,He wanted to ask if Monkey King really intends to grudge against Zhutian City,If you really want to grudge,Before the cities of heaven have grown,Destroyed the cities in one fell swoop,Can not leave any hidden dangers。
Although he has a good impression of Mu Qingge, the lord of Zhutian City,but,This is just because Mu Qingge is the most special existence among foreign visitors he has ever seen,And his friendship with Monkey King has been long,Naturally, Mu Qingge, who has only met once, can be compared。
therefore,If Sun Wukong really wants to grudge against Zhutian City,He won’t be on Mu Qingge’s side,Instead, he would persuade Monkey King not to be merciful,Must cut the mess quickly。
“Yes,Monkey King group members,Just now, I also heard Sedum members tell a few things about you and Zhutian City,Zhutian City can connect with other worlds,Now is just the beginning,So it’s not that powerful,If a few more years,I am afraid that the cities of the heavens will develop into a behemoth that you and I cannot beat。”
“therefore,If the Monkey King group members insist on grudges,What is decisiveness,Don’t leave hidden dangers。”
Nezha also said with a smile,to him,He has nothing to do with the so-called cities of heaven,therefore,He is on the side of Monkey King,Like he destroys the monster race,Be soft to the enemy,It’s a contempt for one’s own life。