Sun Xi is such a high-spirited and talented girl,At this age,I can only helplessly choose one so I don’t have to take too much risk,Relatively decent home。

They say that middle-aged men are not as good as dogs,Middle-aged women are worse than grass!
If Sun Hee makes such a condition,The possibility of finding a good husband is still very high。
But at this age,The choice of husband is indeed too narrow,So there will be too much uncertainty!
With Sun Hee’s decisive and wise character,Definitely don’t want,Take this risk……
“If there is such a day,I will be extremely honored,At that time, I will invite the classmates who have become rich people to get together again!”
I did not promise more,But this is at least a promise!
Everyone raise their glasses immediately,In order to have such a gathering in the future,Cheers!
Everyone drank again!
The next topic is more relaxed,Everyone talks about things that were particularly interesting before,And the fun things in life。
Talk and laugh,Staggered。
The girls all started to toast Sun Xi in turn,The boys kept toasting me。
Because I’ve been practicing the set of boxing that Mr. Zhang taught me,I drink very well now。