Li Lanhua saw that Wang Youcai brought so many things to them,The elderly are both happy and worried。Although she didn’t find any bad relationship between Wang Youcai and his daughter-in-law,But she feels like a mirror in her heart。

There is no love and hate for no reason,No free lunch。Wang Youcai is so good to her,It depends 100% on daughter-in-law Yao Chunni。Otherwise she is an old woman,Wang Youcai is blamed for her。
Wang Youcai paid for the medical treatment,Thus,The old man feels that his debt to Wang Youcai is too great。So she owed her body and said:“Xiao Wang!You treat our family like this,What can you tell me?”
“Don’t say anything,Can meet you,Also fate。When i came in just now,Met the doctor。He said you finished the bottle,It’s almost there,He will give you some medicine,You can go home”Wang Youcai diverted the topic,Smiled and said to Li Lanhua。
Li Lanhua,Can’t help but please,She smiled and said:“That’s great,After you send me back,Hurry up and do your business!Hey!You have been here for two days,Why didn’t I see what you did??“
“You don’t understand what i do,But i’m not here tonight,I want to go back to the city。When you sleep at night,Insert the door from the inside“Wang Youcai said,I swept Yao Chunni with the corner of my eye。
Yao Chunni pretended to be calm,She didn’t say a word。I feel that her mother-in-law is chatting with Wang Youcai,Have nothing to do with her。
Five o’clock in the afternoon,Li Lanhua’s injection is over。Wang Youcai drove them back to Chenzhuang,Like this,When he has dinner made by Yao Chunni,It’s almost eight o’clock。
Li Lanhua hasn’t done well yet,So as soon as I finished eating, I went into the upper house with Yao Chunni’s support。After she lay down and sleep well,Yao Chunni just walked out,Go to the kitchen and start washing dishes。
Wang Youcai saw that it was getting dark,Took the opportunity to get into the kitchen。Under the dim kerosene lamp,Yao Chunni was a little distracted washing the dishes,I feel like she is thinking about something。
Once Wang Youcai entered,And hugged her from behind。Yao Chunni was so scared that she almost cried out,Seeing Wang Youcai,Hurriedly reached out and covered her mouth。This woman screamed,Wouldn’t he be over。
Yao Chunni, who was relieved, was struggling in Wang Youcai’s arms,She whispered:“Don’t be foolish,Be careful i call someone“Yao Chunni has great strength,Wang Youcai couldn’t control her for a while。、
“Damn!I didn’t do anything to you?What are you shouting?I came over to ask you,I want to go into town,What else do you need?“Wang Youcai pressed his mouth to Yao Chunni’s ear and said softly。
When I heard Wang Youcai said that,Yao Chunni temporarily stopped struggling。She whispered:“I don’t want your stuff,Don’t weasel greeting the chicken“
“Don’t i just like you?How about this!I buy you a new dress“Wang Youcai was panting,Put the sound to the nearest。If it wasn’t for his mouth to stick to Yao Chunni’s ear,Such a small voice,I’m afraid Yao Chunni can’t hear it at all。
Yao Chunni was taken aback,Whispered quickly:“I don’t want anything,Even if you bought me new clothes,I dare not wear it out。Didn’t you see the old lady staring at me every day?”
“Then i’ll give it to you…Buy pajamas,You have such a charming figure,It must look good in pajamas”Wang Youcai is in a hurry,Casually。