“Oh la oh la!I won’t do it,You know i’m not interested in money!”

Leo left without looking back!
He didn’t really go find a piece of steel,But feel the feeling of holding a knife。
“Seems really different!”
Master Swordsmanship:423/1000000
Became a real master swordsmanship?And the level and proficiency have also increased a bit。
“It seems the teacher is right!And I don’t feel the same about holding the sword myself!I feel very strong and strong!”
but,Leo is also a little strange,Because he hasn’t changed,The sword has not changed,The only thing that changed is when he took the sword。
If you use game terms,That is, the attack power increases when using sword weapons100%。
Leo let out a deep breath。
“Although the breakthrough process is a bit nonsense,But the effect is real!I am already a real swordsman!”
Saying unhappy is fake,He is now a real swordsman,In the sea, he is also a strong man in the upper middle class,When I met Fu Keen,Maybe it will solve him in a short time。
“go,Green Bull,We should go to the sea to exercise!”
Leo and Green Bull continue to walk towards the beach。
When he comes to the beach,Jumping into the sea without hesitation。