“I know all this!to be with you,Do you have to get married?and also,You treat me well,It’s not about my dad’s medical skills?I can tell you,I can help you with this”

Lu Monkey said,So I poured a glass of water and drank it,He really didn’t regard himself as an outsider。
He Jing’s frowning brows slowly stretched out,She gently sat down beside Lu Monkey,Then he took a breath and asked:“How can you help me?”
“This is a simple task for me。you know too,My dad’s greatest illness is to show men the disease。In fact, he is just a few recipes,If I give you these recipes,You are still good”
Monkey Lu was talking,While quietly moving his butt to He Jing’s side。He Jing is not a fool,She discovered Lu Monkey’s actions,But she didn’t mean to avoid it。
He Jing glanced sideways at Lu Monkey,Asked softly:“You can do that?”
“Why not?He just knows how to do good things for others,I never thought about myself and me。Instead of,I might as well steal his recipe for you。You can also open another private clinic in Pingdu,Specifically addressing male issues,Maybe it can be very hot”
Lu Monkey said,Suddenly reached out,Stopped by He Jing’s waist。
He Jing twisted her body,His face changed slightly and said:“Lu Monkey!Don’t be foolish,I’m not a casual person”
“sister!Don’t pretend,Who didn’t know that when you were young, you were a fascinating figure in Pingdu doctor circles。You are as old as a tiger now,Don’t say you don’t need it”
Wang Youcai said,Fiercely,He pushed He Jing onto the sofa。
He Jing is struggling,But Monkey Crawling in her ear and whispered:“If you want my dad’s recipe,You better be honest”
Listen to what Lu Monkey said,He Jing slowly gave up resistance。To know,She’s so old,If you don’t have the ability to excel,Except for a headache and a cold every day,Then she will definitely be eliminated by this company in the future。
Monkey Lu saw He Jing gave up resistance,There was a smirk on his face。He bent over and picked up He Jing,Took her to the bedroom。As the door slammed shut,This night is not destined to be peaceful。
the next morning,It was nine o’clock when Wang Youcai got up,If it wasn’t for Du Xiaohong to urge him several times,He was asleep and didn’t want to get up。
Du Xiaohong achieved his goal,So she stopped pestering Wang Youcai。Two people downstairs,Wang Youcai is going to see the small clinic,Du Xiaohong went to the bus station,She said she was going back to Baishui Town to see her grain and oil store。This is a scheming woman,Don’t give up。
When Wang Youcai returned to the small clinic,,Found that everything is normal in the small clinic。Julan is still busy,One has to take medicine,Have to settle accounts and collect money。Dr. Lu still pulses the patient unhurriedly。But He Jing is different,She put lipstick on her mouth,The white coat looks like new clothes。